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Disabled Google Accounts, And Photos Hosted Under Picasa

We've known for some time, about problems with GMail based Google accounts, and reports of disabled accounts with mysterious mention of "unusual activity on your account".

This problem gives frustrated Blogger blog owners yet another exercise in frustration, where they spend time getting their Google accounts reactivated.

This month, we are seeing reports of another, rather alarming detail, now involving Picasa.

Some frustrated blog owners, having endured the anguish of an account locked when hacking is detected, and having finally regained control of their Blogger accounts and blogs, have noticed a new detail.
My blogs are back - but the pictures are gone!

This new detail has been reported to Blogger Support, but with a rather unpromising answer.
Missing images are not always going to be recoverable.

Picasa Web Albums have a few improvements to make.

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Cat said…
Unknown said…
How are you supposed to contact Blogger Support? All I can see are forums, and after posting a comment, I haven't had any further progress.

My gmail account was deleted (it was one through an organisation and they changed providers), and my connected blogger account. I've tried following the help forums and they stop me at "this account has been deleted".

How can I gain access to my old blog? Even in an archived format so I can copy the content.

Nitecruzr said…

The forums are where you contact Blogger Support.

In most cases, though, you only use the automated tools, to prove ownership of a blog and get it restored - when it can be restored.

The problems occur in two cases:
1. When a blog was righteously deleted by Blogger for a TOS Violation (hacking / porn / spam).
2. When the blog owner can't prove ownership, because heshe never bothered to remember the account name / password, or to setup a valid backup email account or other backdoor token.

So, you post your problem report in the forum - you report your problem politely - and you follow the advice provided.

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