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Follow A Blog, Using A FeedBurner Email Subscription

Some time ago, we discovered how to use a FeedBurner Email Subscription, to provide email access to our blog content. The FeedBurner Email Subscription was noticeably better than the previously offered Google Groups Email Distribution.

Now, FeedBurner is offering a gadget to provide their email subscription service, along with the previously offered FeedBurner Email Subscription.

It's easy to add the gadget - and the feed - to your blog.
  • Just go to "Page Elements", and the Add a Gadget wizard, and select "Follow by Email".
  • The wizard will add a gadget to the blog, and setup a FeedBurner Feed for you, on the spot.
  • You may wish to enter the new FeedBurner feed as the Post Feed Redirect URL, next. This will ensure that folks who read the blog feed, in their newsfeed reader, are subscribed to the FeedBurner feed - not to the native blog feed.
  • Finally, login to FeedBurner - and / or setup a FeedBurner account.

After you add a FeedBurner Email Subscription to your blog, don't get confused over the terminology - someone who Follows your blog using a FeedBurner Email Subscription won't be counted, or treated, as one who subscribes to a FeedBurner enhanced blog feed, using a newsfeed reader such as "Google Reader" or the dashboard "Reading List".

FeedBurner "Subscription Management", under "Publicize" - "Email Subscriptions", lets you see a list of email subscribers. If (only if) you redirect the blog feed to FeedBurner, you can see statistics about everybody who reads your blog in their newsfeed reader.

Enjoy the convenience to you, and to your potential Followers - but understand what they, and you, get - and don't get.

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Unknown said…
this the way making our blog got widespread to the world. :D
like my blog,

i use a feedburner email subscription, very simple and easy. :)
The Narcissist said…
I have a problem. When I post something new the emails dont get sent to my subscribers. I done everything correctly. I burned my feeds in the feedburner. Changed the redirect to feedburner in settings page. The rss redirects the way it should. When someone enters the email in the feedburner box, they receive a confirmation mail also. But when I post something new, they dont receive any email.
Thank you thank you thank you! That was so easy!

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