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Unfilter The Web - Selectively

Very few computers, owned by Blogger blog owners, members, and guests, are only used for participating in Blogger blog based activity.

Almost everybody here publishes - or at least surfs - to other websites. Occasionally, when surfing to an unfamiliar blog or website, we may see an odd bit of advice.
Your browser has cookies disabled. This may present a problem, as you surf this website. Click here to learn how to enable cookies, so you may use this website best.
We see that you are blocking JavaScript. If you want the full benefit of this website, you'll need JavaScript enabled.
These are signs of computers that are properly protected, to prevent unwanted access by undesirable individuals or websites. Unfortunately, what is protecting us is also preventing us from using the blogs and websites in question.

There are many discussions, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, where this problem is seen.

I can't comment on blogs. I keep getting sent to the login screen, over and over.


Why can't I see my Followers?


I keep trying to get Stats to ignore my own pageviews - but every time I check, the selection is unchecked!

All of these are examples of people who are filtering essential Blogger content.

Filters can be found in your browser, on your computer, and on the network - and your task, now, is to look carefully, in all possible locations. Consider recent changes to Blogger / Google, and possibly to features on your computer.

And people who filter Blogger content just won't get the full use of Blogger. Unfortunately, when advised to configure their computers, we get various refusals.

  • Blogger needs to fix their problems! I'm not changing my computer, to solve Blogger's problems!
  • All of this is too technical for me! Can you make me a step by step list of exactly what I need to do, so I don't have to think about it?

The bottom line here is, if Blogger (or other websites) don't work properly on your computer, you need to check / correct browser cookie filters - and to check / correct browser script filters.


Anonymous said…
I hope this gets to you.
This was a lot of work for a
Nitecruzr said…

It's a lot of work for anybody. Unfortunately,
1. It has to be done.
2. Blogger can't do it for you.
3. You have to do it.
4. If it's new to you, you have to learn to do it.
Anonymous said…

Thanks for everything really!
Doing for myself and by myself,
descibes me, no brag just fact.
In my trade it was learn as you
go. I'm just thankful there was
a few "old timers" that were will
ing if you were, to show you a
better/easyer way.
Lorelei said…
I know it must be hard to understand for people who are proficient on the computer, but when I joined Blogger they claimed "anyone can do it" and that they are user friendly. More and more they are not. I don't mind if I have to learn a few things as I go along, but every day here I'm reading more and more things that I have to adjust that I'm not even up to being able to learn. Sorry to be so dumb. Meanwhile I'm always reading how Blogger is ready to yank my blog at any minute should something go wrong that I have no control over like someone "taking over it". To tell the truth, I love my blog, but I live in fear of Blogger. I'm looking for a new blog place just in case, but I fear they are all the same. Funny because blogs used to be so easy to do. That's why everyone did them.
Lorelei said…
I've been learning as I go ever since I got a computer a long time ago. But I guess it's just a slower progress for me. Thanks for your help
embigard said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Goldogmom said…
wanting to be able to post a comment on a blog and have the blog owner be able to see my email address. I've enabled it in my settings but when I click on my name when it shows up in the comments section, the message says
Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile.

but when I go to my profile and make sure the email address is checked, I still get the error message. So I'm testing here.

thanks... I'm trying hard to understand the larger process.
Starr White said…
This is a test comment.
Starr White said…
this is a test comment
Starr White said…
this is a test comment

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