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Distinguishing Between The Classic GUI And The New GUI (2011)

The New Blogger GUI (2011) has been publicly available for less than a month, and we are seeing signs of confusion, in various queries in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?. People asking for help are not always sure which GUI version they are using - and many answers needed are dependent upon the version in use being known, for proper help to be provided.

In the past, querying what version of Blogger was in use was quite simple
Are you using Draft (blue "B" logo) or Production (orange "B" logo) Blogger?
Unfortunately, with New GUI (2011) Blogger, previously only offered in Draft Blogger, we have no such ability. Both Draft Blogger, and Production Blogger, now sport an orange "B" logo.

This is the Classic GUI dashboard. See the brown and tan backgrounds, and the dark blue decorations?

This is the New GUI (2011) dashboard. See the orange and tan lettering, and all of the white background?

Besides the confusion over which version of Blogger is in use, there is some terminology variance, between the two versions.
  • We login to New GUI (2011) Blogger (possibly using ""), and the first screen is called, by some, the "blog list". We login to Classic GUI Blogger (using ""), and the first screen is called the "dashboard".
  • The main menu for any blog, in New GUI (2011), is called the "dashboard". The main menu for any blog, in Classic GUI, had no collective name. Some folks called it the "dashboard", while others referred to it by it's component tabs ("Posting", "Comments", "Settings", ...).

Besides the differences in the Settings displays, the differences in the Post Editor displays will be significant. Questions which involved post editor issues will be very dependent upon Blogger GUI version being accurately provided, as the post editor display was extensively reworked. And even now, several essential New GUI features are known to be non existent or un reliable.

In the immediate past, we would hope that the question
Are you using the Classic Blogger GUI (brown / dark blue background) or New (2011) Blogger GUI (orange / tan on a white background)?
will now be sufficient - until the day when Blogger forces everybody to use the New GUI. Unfortunately, the reality of Draft vs Production variants of the New Blogger GUI gives us still more details to consider.

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