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Followers, Following 300 Blogs, Have Reached Their Limit

Some people enjoy the Blogger pastime of Following so enthusiastically, that they try to Follow every interesting blog that they see.

Some of these enthusiasts have not yet learned that there is a limit here - you may Follow no more than 300 blogs.

No doubt, some people find out about the 300 blog Followed limit, by direct experience.

For a while, having reached the limit of 300, they will Follow no more new blogs - just stop at 300. Eventually, though, they will see yet one more blog that really interests them - that they "just have to Follow". In order to do this, they will have to discontinue Following one of the 300 blogs that they are currently Following.

People who watch their Followed numbers avidly will occasionally see their Followers count go down. Many people who publish blogs, and have audiences who routinely Follow the maximum of 300 blogs, will see this happen more frequently. And the more Followers you have, if your blog is in this category, the greater the chance that your blog will lose one Follower who has to drop your blog in order to Follow another.

This is an effect similar to the churn in search engine hit list position. Just keep publishing, and the count will go up, again.


Unknown said…
really?? oh
Kate said…
Maybe its because i'm a resident of Lamer-town but I can barely follow a few let alone 300. wowza.
Unknown said…
kinda figured :(
Nitecruzr said…

My suspicion is that the residents of Lamer-town are the ones who Follow 300 blogs - and spend all their time reading OPB, and no time actually publishing their own. Worse yet they Follow 300 blogs that have no activity, because the blog owners are just Following 300 blogs, and not publishing anything.

That's the alternate possibilities, anyway.
1. Following 300 blogs, and no time to publish any content.
2. Following 300 blogs, that have no content, because the owners of those blogs spend all their time Following 300 blogs, and no time publishing any content.

That sure sounds like LT to me.
Aimee Jeffries said…
As I just ran into this problem, I found you trying to find more info on it. Love everyone that assumes you must have no life if you follow 300+ blogs. It's not like each of them updates every day, not too hard to keep up with really. I have lots of artists of several mediums that I like to keep up with and learn from. The bad part is when you click "Follow" at the top of a blog once you reach this limit, it acts like it has been added to your reader, and doesn't let you know unless you manually try to add a feed.
I'm really trying to cut back and follow the blogs that really interest me. Having so many it is really hard to keep track of all of them.
I also have come across this problem and am searching for the solution. I have a couple of visitation days where I do hop over to most of them to check out the latest and greatest posts.

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