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Resetting The Widget Templates

The gadgets (previously known as widgets) are the template components that can be manipulated using the "dashboard Layout" wizard.

The post template is the most commonly used gadget (found in virtually every blog) - but it's not the only gadget.

Sometimes the code in one gadget may cause a problem with the other gadgets - even with the comments / posts, or the post template.

If resetting the post template doesn't solve the problem, we generally have "widget template corruption". The solution for widget template corruption is to reset the widget templates.
  1. First and always, backup the template.
  2. Go to Template - "Edit HTML", and click on the button "Revert widget templates to default".
  3. If the problem is severe, select "Select all widgets", otherwise select just the specific widget that is a known problem.
  4. Hit "Revert selected widgets".
  5. Hit "Save template".
  6. Clear cache, and restart the browser.
  7. If any problems or unacceptable changes in the gadgets is observed, reload the template from the backup just taken.
  8. If the reset solves the problem, backup the template, again.

As an alternative solution, you may be able to reset settings in the template HTML code.

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Southpaw said…
You are to the rescue again! Thanks.
luciagoodgear said…
thanks! you saved me a lot of time!
Andy said…
I had problems with the share buttons gadget no showing up in post footer. I followed you instructions to Resetting The Widget Templates. I did backup my template first. After my reset I went to Design and clicked on post edit and add the share buttons. It worked but my followers gadget is not working. So I followed your instructions "reload the template from the backup just taken". The followers gadget is there but it blank. Any suggestions?
Andy said…
I have been try to fix this for a long, long time. Your solution worked perfectly. My followers list has also returned. I am now a follower and a RSS subscriber to your blog. Thanks.
Jacqueline said…
Thank you so much, Chuck! You're a genius. Resetting the post template didn't work for me but this second method worked like a charm. The only snag was all the previous customization done at the post footer have to be re-installed. Nonetheless, I'm terribly happy with the result. Thanks again and God bless you!
I am still unable to make any chnages to my sidebars. I can't add widgets, change them, or update them :s On my boyfriends macbook, everything works. So it's probably something on my computer that is the problem... any idea what it could be? ... x

Carley Cooper said…
Thanks so much. You've helped me with some problems I was having!
catz said…
Thank YOU, your adviced saved the day!
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh, this helped SO much! Thank you!
Shabnam said…
Cheers! Thanks. Fixed my problem and now the share buttons appear!
Anonymous said…
4 hours I've been trying to work this out! You're a f*&@%ing legend! Thank you!
Ramandeep Singh said…
Thanksssss it helped me a lot!!! :)

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