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A Domain Purchased Using "Buy A Domain" Is A Fully Functional Domain

Many bloggers are not quite sure about the relationship between Blogger blogs, custom domain publishing, and the "Buy A Domain For Your Blog" wizard.
How do I use my domain with my WordPress blog?
Can I use my domain outside Blogger?
If I drop my Blogger blog, what happens to my domain?
These are all questions, asked occasionally in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?

The answer here is quite simple. A domain purchased through Blogger, using the "Buy A Domain" wizard, is a fully functional registered domain. You can do anything with this domain, that you would do with any other domain.

As long as you have access to your Google Apps desktop, which gives you access to the domain manager wizard provided by the registrar, you can use your domain for any purpose desired.
  • You can publish a Blogger blog, or a cluster of Blogger blogs.
  • You can publish a WordPress blog.
  • You can publish any other blog or website.
  • You can move your domain to any registrar, and continue to publish your Blogger blogs, WordPress blogs, and any websites that you wish.

To publish your blogs and / or websites, you need access to the domain manager wizard. If you purchased the domain using "Buy a domain", you access the domain manager wizard using the Google Apps desktop.

To publish a non Blogger blog to your domain, you will need content hosting for your non Blogger blog, and instructions from the other host. You cannot upload to a Blogger blog using FTP. Now that Blogger has discontinued FTP Publishing, the FTP protocol isn't relevant any more, in Blogger / Google server space.

To move the domain to another registrar, you need the EPP code, which you get from your current registrar.

You can use your Blogger blog with the domain, registered with the current registrar, or you can move the domain to another registrar - that's your choice. Again though, if you move the domain to another registrar, and you intend to continue to publish your Blogger blog to the domain, make sure that the prospective new registrar supports "CNAME" referral.

Just remember the triune nature of website support essentials.
  • Content hosting.
  • DNS Hosting.
  • Registration.

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Lissa Lord said…
Do you have advice for me? I bought a domain through Blogger two days ago and I still cannot get into my blog except through redirect redirect. And, no one can find my blog just by typing in the URL: OR

My email addresses are:

Can you help?
Lissa Lord
Nitecruzr said…

I think that you need to ask this question in BHF: Something Is Broken, so we can figure out what exactly is the problem.

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