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Auto Pagination Feature Receiving Mixed Review

The latest significant change to Blogger - Auto Pagination - is causing some concerns in the blogger community. Early reports were focused on inability for readers or search engines to find all posts
I need to display 12 posts on the every page. Please give a way to disable auto pagination. Not everyone needs this feature.
Auto Pagination doesn't help me!

As you can see in my blog, "Auto Pagination" doesn't help. I need at least 45 post in my front page. Doesn't help people reading my posts. Can anyone help me with this?
are probably among the more objective problem reports seen this morning.

Looking at the problem reports in detail, we can see at least 3 classes of problems.
  1. People with blogs with classic templates, who need to move to layouts and use "Newer Posts" / "Older Posts".
  2. People who are using "Newer Posts" / "Older Posts", and simply perceive the need to decide their own page size.
  3. People who are seeing badly calculated page size, as in one post / page. A large number of these reports may be connected with use of the "Jump Break" / "Read More ..." option.

So, I setup 2 rollup questions, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
As noted, Blogger has admitted to blogs using the "Jump Break" / "Read More ..." option as being one possible problem cause. Until Blogger fixes all of the problems, and there are no more complaints, I'll suggest that anybody still seeing any problem involving Auto Pagination should continue to supply details, objectively and politely, to the rollup questions. It's always possible that the "Jump Break" / "Read More ..." option is not the only cause of the problems being experienced - and your report might provide the needed diagnostic detail to help Blogger identify another problem.

If you're seeing a problem with your blog, which involves Auto Pagination, please observe some basic guidelines.
  • Post in the right question. If you have any doubt about whether your blog uses a classic or a layouts template, read here.
  • Read the instructions at the top of the question, and provide the details about your problem. The requested details vary by question, and will change as this problem continues to be explored.
  • Blogger will decide whether the change was necessary, what the problems are, and how to fix the problems. The more facts that you provide about your problem, the more chance that Blogger will find the cause of your problem, and will fix your problem first. The more opinion that you provide, the more chance that Blogger will look at somebody else's problem report, and fix their problem first.
  • Be patient.
  • When this is over, review and trim your main page size.

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Hi Chuck, sorry for pestering you here, but I can't get any posts on the Blogger Help Group through. I have deleted the cache and cookies on my lsptop but to no avail. Using IE 6 (yes, I know *grin* but that old beast won't run any other browser).

My blog is

My google login is the same I use for my blog (with a email)

I have two questions:
1) Re. the post on the Help Group about the AutoPagination. I use a classic template and my blog shows 15 posts right now instead of the 20 I set it to show.

2) I have deleted two blogs which will expire permanently in March. With the increasing problems of splogs and other spam I wonder if there's a danger that the deleted addresses may be used by such nasty critters and that way affect my main blog because there's a similarity in the names (lostscrolls, fe.). I don't want to have my blog end up on your busy spam finders just because it seems to hang out with bad company - in case the addresses get stolen. Should I better keep those blogs and only delete the posts?

Thank you for any feedback.

Gabriele Campbell
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Gabriele,

1. That's Auto Pagination in action.

2. You're better off getting it back (un delete it!), then make a stub, before you let it expire and possibly get taken by spammers.
Thank you, Chuck.

I'll get the blogs back then. I was a bit worried with all those My Blog Is No Spam posts in the help forum. Google got some busy detective bots there. :)

So I'll have to live with the autopagination? Not a biggie, I guess, though I suppose if I have posts with more photos / average than right now, it may even go down to 10 or 8 posts displayed. May try for a better mix of photo and text posts in that case.
Tepi said…
Gabrielle, can I ask you why do you think you need 20 entries in the main page??? And not the "read more" type of entry!! For what? I have 7 Read More entries on my blog and I feel is too much.

Readers know how to search and surf your blog. I'm sorry to tell you but if that is the case, I am with Google. 20 complete entries seems too much bandwith in vain.
Tepi, I don't set my heart on 20 exactly. I'd like to have a few entries on the first page, though (10-15) because most new readers will scroll along the first page and have a look at what the blog is about before they start checking archives. I know I do that myself.

I haven't used the Read More feature because I want the photos to display at first view, but it may be an option for longer posts.
Another point that may be interesting:

Running IE6 and Windows XP on an old laptop with 512 MB working memory (or whatever the correct English word is) has slowed down net browsing for me of late. I've tried to figure out if there's a pattern to what sites tend to cause trouble, and in case of blogs it is not the content of the main text, not even if there are many pictures, but some of the sidebar features. Display of Followers with those little icons is one of the culprits (and that includes this blog). I also suspect the - really nice - feature that shows the last post in blogs listed on the sidebar.

(Another is Amazon links and rotating book cover widgets, but that's not a Blogger problem.)

Some of my blog friends have said that the Follower icon feature tends to slow the loading of the sidebar for them as well, esp. if there are more than a few icons (and two have disabled it again). Since Google tries to optimize loading times and bandwidth use, they may consider looking into the Follower feature, in case that's not an IE 6 issue.

I'll get a new laptop next week, btw. :)
Hans said…
Take it OFF!!! It's really annoying. Some blogs actually need to be able to show everything on the main page!!!!!!
Contact Us said…
I'm still having a problem with the auto pagination. I have set to 15 posts/page. When i click "older posts", instead of showing #16 - #30 post, it will jump to #20 & display #20 - #34 instead.

However, when i use the jump break on the missing published posts, they will appear & those with jump breaks will disappear. Omg...

What's exactly the problem? :(

I hope you can help. Thanks!

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