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The New Navbar

By now, I'm sure that you've all seen the new navbar on our blogs. Besides having new links, and some links being renamed, there's a significant improvement - transparency.

For those of you wondering where "Search Blog" went, the "Search Blog" window is still there - the "Search Blog" caption was simply removed, to make space. And "Flag Blog" (which was, some time ago, greatly enhanced) is now accurately captioned "Report Abuse". And we have "Follow" (previously "Follow Blog"), matching the new "Share" link.

And, for everybody who has always hated the navbar because it was ugly, and its background colour never matched the blog, you can now select a transparent option - and let the background colour / images in the blog show. You can select "Transparent Dark", with light navbar characters and graphics - or "Transparent Light", with dark navbar characters and graphics.

You select the new options in the Navbar Configuration wizard in "Page Elements". Click on the "Edit" link to the right of "Navbar".

What you get doesn't look like complete transparency - you can see some colour variation on my home blog, "nitecruzr dot net", but on this blog - look above. Transparency on white looks pretty good.

No more ugly navbar stripe - that's a small improvement, but still a significant one. This may motivate some bloggers - though probably not all - to reverse their earlier decisions to hide the navbar on their blogs.

Now, since we're looking at the navbar, let's look at what the "Search Blog" box is. It is for searching for posts, in this blog, which contain references to the keywords entered into the box. It's not for searching for other blogs or web sites, neither using keywords or URLs. Just for keywords, in the blog that's currently displayed.

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I don't want my email address to appear on the navbar because I don't want mischief makers, spammers, crazies, etc. to email me. I highly recommend deleting this, or making it optional.
Nitecruzr said…
I don't want my email address to appear on the navbar


Your email address appears on your navbar, only. Everybody else sees their own email addresses, on their navbars. You can't see theirs, and they can't see yours.

Can you see my email address? Most likely, no. Nor can I see yours.

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