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New Blogger Limits 2009 - Labels, Again

Almost one year ago, I wrote about a newly discovered limit in Blogger blogs.

Labels could have, at most, 200 characters of labels (including spaces and commas). Today, we see reports of newly discovered limits, again in labels.

We see more requests.

How can I put more than 2000 Labels on my blog?


I'm seeing "A post may have at most 10 labels." when I try to publish. Help!

and even a couple complaints

I don't have 2,000 labels, but it's telling me that I do!

That's going to hurt a few bloggers!

Apparently Blogger released changes to Post Editor, and added limits to labels. These changes won't be as popular as the previously noted change.

Blogger Support advised us, on 10/22/2009, that we are likely to be limited to 5,000 labels / blog, for eternity.

After listening to the feedback left in this thread and in other places, we've decided after some discussion to go ahead and increase the per-blog label limit to 5000 labels.

Note the limit to the concession, and the stern warning.

Please plan your labeling accordingly moving forward, as performance issues will prevent us from increasing the limit again down the line.

Everything has its limits - and this is a limit that we may all have to learn to live with.


Olga said…
Is there a way to get around this? I just got the error message regarding a 2,000 label limit. Thanks!
Tim said…
I use dates for my post because I deal in the stock market and everything is dated

I keep getting this error message about 2000 labels
Daisy Deadhead said…
This is maddening. 2000 labels is *nothing* over a period of several years. Do they intend for anyone to use Blogger for any length of time?

Can we do anything about this?
epicponyz said…
I honestly don't get what's going on, but this is def. an error. I'm getting all the errors expressed by the OP.
Anonymous said…
any work arounds?
Anonymous said…
I get the same thing, this 2000 labels. All i can label my blog entries under is my user name of ck0712. has anyone heard anything yet? naturally google "help" hasn't answered anyone's questions....
Clever Elsie said…
This is really screwing up my blog! I have certain labels which I always use for specific posts, and now I have to find a way to get rid of five or six of them because of this ridiculous "10 label only" limit! I would've thought Google would want Blogger to be competitive with WordPress and other platforms. Guess not!
Norma said…
I've been blogging for 6 years, so a 2000 limit is easily passed for me. I'm currently allowed one label per entry. I think it is a bug and wish they'd fix it, otherwise for long time users, labels are useless.
Lynn Marentette said…
I use my labels so I can search for the things I post on my blogs, because my blogs serve as on-line filing cabinets. I received the "2000" label limit errors, too. It is frustrating that I can't add the appropriate labels to my posts!

Hopefully someone at Google will respond to our requests.
الخوجة said…
this limit should be resolved very soon because it stopped me as an educational blogger from blogging on the contorary to other platforms.if you got a solution ,tell us,plz.regards
Daisy Deadhead said…
Any word about this problem? It sure is messing lots of people up... do they even care?
Unknown said…
Im having the same issue. I cannot post ANY labels at all on one of my blogs~

I het thee error A2000 thing also
No matter how many labels I edit in one post, it won't stop giving me this error. OMG What the heck, Blogger!?!!
dogimo said…
I am glad I found this blog, but holy heck I wish they'd fix this limit glitch. It doesn't seem like they've taken into account that while maybe most people only post about 2 or 3 things, others cover a much wider range of topics. If you've been blogging long enough to have thousands of posts, 2000 labels isn't much!

Admittedly, perhaps I've been putting a few on there that I maybe didn't need. I'd have been more selective if I knew it was an issue!
Nitecruzr said…
We are all bugging them, as hard as we can, to get them to relax the limits. It looks like a simple numbers game, to them. We have to convince them that the blogs affected are more than just numbers, they are real people. Everybody affected needs to speak up.
Just adding my comment that the 2000 labels is a serious issue and I'm considering migrating unless this is changed/fixed.
Its causing quite a riot at the Google Forums right now.
It's getting curiouser and curiouser, like I've entered an alternative universe where blogger is run by Alice In Wonderland. I've been able to add one label to each of my last couple of posts and been able to save or post this. However if, after saving, I try to replace this label with a different label I get the error message. If I try to add a character to the label that has already been saved and therefore must be ok I get the error message. I can add labels which I've already used in the past but this is useless since I'm posting on new bands every day! It's been two week and still no fix. Clearly not top of Googles priority list. I would have thought that the number of people threatening to move over to alternatives to blogger would have lead to it being given some degree of priority. Are bloggers the poor relations of the Google world?
*Goddess* said…
I'd like to know what constitutes the "2000 labels"? For instance, does one label that is used in 77 posts count as one label or 77 labels? Because that's the ONLY way I could have 2000 labels by now.
I also think that if we're going to be limited, the labels should be numbered so we can see how many we REALLY have.
So... Is there ever going to be a resolution or response on the 2000 label issue??
JGF said…
Now that you've raised some visibility on this issue, how about the inability to access more than 5000 posts using blogger?

My site passed 5,000 posts some months ago, but I can only see or edit the most recent 5,000 in blogger.

Google acknowledged the bug in July but there's no fix.
Daisy Deadhead said…
John Gordon, thanks for the heads-up on that.

If someone should ask you to delete an old post, I guess after 5000 posts, not possible? Yikes! (Nice I read it here, since Blogger won't tell us anything.)

I now tell everyone to go to Wordpress and DO NOT EVEN TRY Blogger. (Apparently, Wordpress actually replies to people's concerns, too!)
I'm now strongly considering moving my blog elsewhere... The 2000 label limit is seriously cramping my style.
Daisy Deadhead said…
Nitecruzr, I have a question. I figured out my own work-around for this problem... but is it gonna come back to bite me in the butt, so to speak? So far, it works within limits (can not go back and edit, though, the only problem)... I discovered I can use the drop-down menu to add labels after publishing. But is there going to be some problem with this after awhile or something I am not considering (or smart enough to know about)?

Any word about whether they are listening to us? HELP! My God, this has been three weeks now. I am very, very disappointed in Blogger and how they don't seem to care about this issue.
Nitecruzr said…

I have heard from Gatsby and company several times, and it sounds like they are still discussing it. It appears that the server techs dreamed up the limits, to reduce resource use. Gatsby and his group are arguing with them, almost daily.

Gatsby was just in the main forum thread today, to announce the video (see above). BFD, I know. But they are aware that it's a problem.
Guará Matos said…
Mas eu não estou entendendo isso. O que são Rótulos, por favor me explique e se eu apagar alguns posts resolver.
Daisy Deadhead said…
It *seems* to be fixed ... (I'm superstitious enough that I am afraid to make unqualified statement and -hex- it!)... and thank you so much for your kindness, nitecruzr! :)
I just started getting the "only 20 labels per post" error message yesterday. I keep several blogs, but one of the most in-depth blogs I do is about the television show LOST. If anyone knows how complicated that show is, you'd understand how many labels you'd need. I write about each episode and I've been doing it for about a year and a half. I have over 120 published posts, not to mention about 100 drafted. I used to get around the 200 character limit by putting extra labels on through the "edit posts" tab and label drop-down menu. Now, I can't even do that because it's telling me that I can only use 20 labels per post.

It is impossible for me to condense my labels because I'm trying to keep track of things that happen on the show. If I delete certain labels it will defeat my entire purpose of keeping this blog, which is a year and a half of my time gone. I enjoyed blogger for the most part.. up until now.
Nitecruzr said…

If you're going to track the details of "Lost", maybe you need more than a blogging platform. You may be happier with a Content Management System, which Blogger is not.
Chuck, all I really want is to be able to use my labels, nothing complicated. It was working fine until now.
Nitecruzr said…

I hear what you're saying. It's just that there is a limit on everything, and from what I heard, 90% of the total blogger population used well under the initial limit (10 labels / post, 2,000 labels / blog), so Blogger started there. Based on the protests, they compromised by raising the limits from 10 / 2,000 to 20 / 5,000 - and stated that there would likely be no more increases.

Having raised the limits to 20 / 5,000, that leaves 98% of the total blogger population happy. You appear to be part of the 2% that aren't happy.

I'm not sure what else to tell you. I suspect that Gatsby had the final say.
"Please plan your labeling accordingly moving forward, as performance issues will prevent us from increasing the limit again down the line."
Let me know in the end they stay the limitation of blogger labels. They are the end 2000 or 5000 labels per blog?. I ask this question because they have spent three years in this post, and many things have changed in this time! Greetings.
Nitecruzr said…

I really doubt they will "stay the limitation". You may have to live with a 5,000 label maximum.

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