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Identifying And Blocking Malicious Comments

Almost daily, we see complaints from bloggers who are disturbed or offended by comments that they get, in their blogs.
How do I stop nasty comments about my posts?
How do I block a person who posts nasty comments?

My answers always start with
You have to moderate comments, either before or after they are published.

You can identify your commentors, using a properly chosen visitor counter / log utility.

Immediately (before you have a problem):
  • Install StatCounter, or a similar product, on the blog.
  • Enable Email Notification, for the blog
Later (when you have a problem):
  • Part of the StatCounter display includes "Referer URL".
  • Get the time stamp for the comment, from the email message.
  • Look through the StatCounter log, for a visitor with the Referer URL equal to the comment in question, and with the right time stamp.
  • Get the IP address, for the visitor identified.
When you have identified the IP address in question, use IP Address Blocker (free) to prevent access, from that IP address, to your blog.

Simple enough? No. There are definite limitations to the effectiveness of this process. And, Blogger can provide limited assistance, only. But, you are allowed to try.

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Anonymous said…
Thank you.I'll try the IP blocker, but these guys change their IP's constantly.
Chuck said…
Thanks, Marjorie,

That's exactly what I say, constantly. My opinion is:
1. Anybody whose IP address does not change constantly, you don't need to worry about.
2. Anybody who you do need to worry about, knows how to change their IP address, constantly.
Anonymous said…
So Chuck, do you think that Blogspot will ever have an option for bloggers to just completely block comments if they want? Inotherwords sometimes some newspapers are able to block all comments.

Even with moderation, the comment still has to be opened and most likely read then deleted, which can be at least a psychological form of battery.

Oh well.

I have one guy with multiple personalities,he's a clever writer and a soft ware pro. He creates all these different personas and blogspots - and is associated with travel groups, in fact runs their boards, who just don't want to hear about what is really going on down here - it's bad for business. (Like their business will ever be the same again...not)

Anyway, thank you !

Chuck said…

You can disable comments in all new posts, and in specific existing posts, as you wish. If you don't wish to have any comments, though, what's wrong with simply moderating and never publishing anything? You can delete everything in the "Awaiting Moderation" and "Spam" queues, 25 comments at a time.
hye sir,
your info was very helpful to me as i can use the ip blocker to block my nasty visitor. thanks~
Small Kucing said…
I have a nasty visitor too. Well guess moderating comments will do the trick.

Over time maybe she'll gets bored.

If not...oh well...think of the bright side. Her visit can only push up my page view numbers. She'll be doing me a favor by keep on leaving comments :p

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