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Internet Explorer and "Operation Aborted" - June 2009

Bloggers have been reporting the monolithic error "Operation Aborted" for many months, at a slow but steady rate. Last month, the problem was reported in much greater intensity.

Previously, the cause of the problem, when known, was third party scripts that didn't operate properly inside an HTML / JavaScript shell. One instance, not the sole cause but the one most observed, was bad code in the SiteMeter visitor counter, later solved by SiteMeter. Last month, many bloggers found that removing the Blogger Followers / Google Friend Connect gadgets, and changing the comment form from "Embedded below post" to "Full page" or "Popup", provided relief to their affected blogs.

Two weeks after the latest problem was reported, though, this problem continues. And some bloggers are recently reporting that their blogs have this problem, and it's not apparently solved by removing the Blogger Followers / Google Friend Connect gadgets, or by changing the comment form from "Embedded below post" to "Full page" or "Popup".

The longer that this latest version of the problem goes, unsolved or unacknowledged by Blogger Support, the more confusion this causes. People who would like Following / Friend Connect, or the inline comment form, on their blogs, won't be installing them because they are uncertain what will happen to their readers ability to access their blogs. And if the original problem (problems) which existed before May 2009 continue, or if new non Blogger caused problems occur, we won't know about them because we wait for Blogger Support to fix the known (or perceived) problem with Following / Friend Connect.

Not all problems are caused by, or can be solved by, Blogger. But if Blogger Support can't solve the problems that they have caused, the problems which they can't solve will continue to cause confusion, and there will be no way to triage the Blogger caused problems from the non Blogger caused problems, and the known problems from the undiscovered ones.

If you have recently seen, or are seeing, this symptom - either in a blog which you control, or a blog which someone else controls - help us to help you, and provide your observations.
  • What browser version (the complete version number of format "n.n.nnnn.nn" may be significant here) are you using?
  • What operating system (again, name and version, please) are you using?
  • In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem?
  • Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets? By changing the comment form option? By removing any other gadgets?
  • Have you made any separate effort to diagnose your problem?

Your report here, of what you are seeing or have seen, may be invaluable.

(Update 7/18): It appears most recently that this problem may not be completely resolved.

(Update 6/25): And taking us back to the time when this symptom was first seen, one blogger today stated that, in his case, his experience with "Operation Aborted" is eliminated when he removed an HTML gadget with SiteMeter script.

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Wanda said…
OK, here goes. I have been having all the problems your post covers. It started about 3 weeks ago with my own site aborting. I then lowered my followers gadget on my sidebar and that stopped the aborting but when I went into my comments, the wallpaper would stay up, obscuring the comments. Also, I had similar troubles getting on others sites I visit. I use IE but when I used Firefox - everything worked well. Two days ago I deleted my MR-hosting-net/counters gadget and everything worked great for a day on IE. But now were back with problems again. People have e-mailed me saying they sometimes can't get on my site and others say they can but cannot comment.

I use IE 7 (I think). I tried to install IE 8 but was unsucessful so far. My operating system is vista (the latest one). I've had the most trouble with my blog ( and trouble opening or seeing several others.
( ( (

I also removed several pictures I had downloaded off the internet from my posts (in case they were corrupt). This seemed to have no effect.

Thank for any help you can provide. I am amazed at how generous people are in this blogging world.

地狱王子 said…
ya me too .....i also had encounter the same problem url is (
a friend of mine in china said she can't open my my blog said cannot find such url....???? why
Nitecruzr said…

You're going to have to use a proxy server, if your access is blocked.
地狱王子 said…
erm is there any other way....?
Nitecruzr said…

Short of you forcing the Chinese government to open its mind to the future, that's the only solution.

If the Chinese government doesn't want its citizens (and visitors) to access certain web sites, and if they convince the ISPs to support that policy, proxy servers are the only possibility.
Michelle H. said…
Here's what information I have.

Updated to IE8: version number(I think) 8.0.6001.18702

I use Windows XP home edition (SP4)

The problem actually started when I was visiting the following sites:

At that time, I was using IE7 (sorry I don't have the file version number) and was getting an infinite window loop depending on how long I stayed on that site where a good 10 blank window boxes popped up before the system locked and I had to reboot. Then Microsoft updated to IE8. The window loop disappeared, yet I started to get "Operation aborted" at the one website above ( and at the following places:

Some of these I can't visit at all now. Others only abort when I go into the comments. I have good and bad days. I noticed that for three of these sites, it would happen when I visit through Google Reader, because their posts would get truncated and I had to visit them directly. I had no problems going to their websites through the links on my own blog except during the past week. The "angie" one is the worse, because even if she emails me and I click on her website link - I'll get the abort(although things have been better there). Through my link list, I have better luck if I press on the current blog title rather than the name of the site, but it doesn't always happen.

Now, I get "Operation Aborted" on my own site whenever I hit the "View Blog" button on my dashboard:

Yet, sometimes, IE8 won't actually abort. The box pops up, I click the close button, and I can still see and do things on my site. I've made no changes to my site except to make a custom banner, but I was having the window loop before that.

Hope something in the rigamarole above can help.
Cathy said…
My blog was putting up the Operation Aborted frequently. I still have "Followers" widget and the usual blogroll but I have taken Feedjit off. It works perfectly without Feedjit but the minute I put it back it plays up again. I have IE. Pity as I love my Feedjit....!
I thought my issue was fixed - ignorance is bliss - but am still getting emails from people that can't get on my site with IE - still operation aborted. It comes and goes depending on the day. I have put Friends widget completely at the bottom of my page hoping this would isolate it but it hasn't helped.
Don't know what version they are using.
Ses said…
Ok Guys I have several blogger blogs and all but one work ok.

the one in question is

I use IE 7.0.5730.11
win xp pro sp3.

However i can see this blog rine in firefox, chrome and other browsers it is just in IE that ia have a problem as do my readers.

So is it a blogger issue or a Microsoft problem?
Nitecruzr said…

In terms of blame, I'll assess it in 1/3s.
1/3 to Blogger.
1/3 to Microsoft.
1/3 to You.
I am convinced that we are equally guilty of contributing to this problem, in many cases. Let's hope that Blogger finds a universal solution, that mitigates our and Microsoft's mistakes.
Info Support said…
I don't have all the info but I can tell you this.

Operation Aborted on IE7 so I upgraded to IE8. Made no difference...still getting Operation Aborted.

I don't have any widgets except for adsense. No follower widgets or anything.

Google should keep in mind that "The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall"
Cristy said…
I don't have a followers gadget, but did have Twitter feeds etc. People started reporting that they couldn't see my sidebar or more than one post about a month ago. It seems to be only with people viewing my blog in IE. I use Firefox so wasn't even aware of the problem. I've taken off the Twitter gadgets but it doesn't seem to help.
Unknown said…
I removed the Google Friend Followers gadget and it seems to work in IE now. Thanks for posting this!!!!!

~ Cyndi
Chris Beck said…
I got a message today from a webmaster working for an artist I featured on my watercolor showcase, saying that she couldn't open either of my blogs in IE. She gave me this info about her setup:

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium – Service Pack 1

IE 8 – version: 8.0.6001.18783

I had removed the Followers gadget in the past, but reinstalled it when I thought that the IE "abort" problem had coincided with my changing the comment format. I returned to my original comment form and was getting no reports of problems. Of course, this is a bit of a Catch-22 - if somebody can't view my blog, they don't know how to reach me either!!

Interestingly, the webmaster who reported the problem said that if she logs in, she has no difficulty viewing my blogs in IE.

My blogs are: and
Chris Beck said…
Update on my comment: Haven't had a response from the webmaster re whether she can view the blogs now that I've removed the Follower gadget, but had a friend check on a Windows machine (I've got a Mac) using IE 8 and he reports no problems viewing the blogs now. He also checked several other browser/computer combinations and had no difficulty with any others either.
Staci said…
I'm now experiencing the abort problem with IE8. I usually use Firefox so I may have been having it for some time. After 5 or so tries, I finally got my Blogger blog ( to come up today. The error message that I got when I clicked on the yellow exclamation point had to do with the Google Friends Connect widget, which isn't displaying at all in IE8. It's all very frustrating.

My OS is Vista.
Phillip Minton said…
I removed the Google follower widget a long time ago and had no issues for quite some time. Now it's being reported to me by my readers using IE that it's back and I don't know why. Haven't added any new widgets as of late, haven't changed anything really other than resizing my logo in the header.

This is very frustrating since I have high traffic and I don't want to lose my readers.
MarkeeCoco said…
I got this problem on my blog right now & I had never gotten it on mine before so I was able to easily solve it. All I did was change the HTML 'errors' that Blogger found on my recent post.

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