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Arranging Pictures In Your Posts

We see a lot of questions in Blogger Help Forum, about getting the pictures, in our posts, located and sequenced properly.
  • How do I get my pictures into the middle of the posts?
  • Why aren't my pictures clickable, to show the full size content?
  • Why do I always have to move the pictures from the top, into the text?

If I'm setting up a new post, and I have a lot of pictures, the easiest way by far is to organise everything locally, on my computer, before doing anything in the Blogger post editor.
  1. Sequence the posts first, in my photo album software, locally on my computer.
  2. Write text to go with the pictures, locally, on my computer.
  3. Sequence the picture uploads.
  4. Upload the pictures, in the right sequence.
  5. Add text, and formatting, around the pictures.
Steps 3 and 4 have to be done as one effort, and carefully.
  • You can only upload up to 5 pictures at a time.
  • Each set of 5 pictures is located in front of all previously uploaded pictures (and, of course, all previously placed text).
  • Any group of 5 (or less) pictures is uploaded, in reverse sequence, of how you select them. If you want pictures A - B - C - D - E arranged in that order, you select them as E - D - C - B - A.

With 12 pictures in sequence, to display as A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L, I upload them in 3 sets as
  • (First Set)
    • L.
    • K.
    • J.
    • I.
    • H.
  • (Second Set)
    • G.
    • F.
    • E.
    • D.
    • C
  • (Third Set)
    • B.
    • A.

If you need to upload pictures after the post is compiled and / or published, you'll have to relocate what you upload, into the middle of the post. If you're using Internet Explorer, you'll want to work in "Edit HTML" mode, and copy and paste the code that contains the link to the full size display, which surrounds the code for the picture itself. If you drag and drop the pictures in "Compose" mode, using Internet Explorer, you'll find that sometimes the code for the links to the full size displays gets lost. You'll end up with a picture displayed in the post, and no link to view the full size display.

Now, for an extra treat, would you like to position multiple pictures on the same line, next to each other?

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