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A Reminder To All Bloggers With Computers That Run Microsoft Windows

Many times in the Blogger Help Forum, we see bloggers angrily complaining
Why does Blogger not work now? It worked yesterday! What did Blogger break today?
and sometimes, we will see a trend of multiple bloggers complaining of the same problem. Generally, and given enough bloggers with the same complaint, Blogger Support will investigate, tweak some code, and things will get back to normal.

The latter scenario doesn't happen immediately, though, nor does it happen consistently.

If your computer is exhibiting odd behaviour, which seems to have started on or sometime after the second Tuesday of the month - or after an emergency update, check the update logs on your computer.

Find and click on the "All Programs" - "Windows Update" icon or shortcut on your computer, and find the Logs option. See what changes were made to your computer, recently. Then get into an online Microsoft Support forum, and see what is happening, with this month's (or most recent) updates. Or, check out the online documentation - either the Knowledge Base ("KB"), or Security Bulletin ("MS") document, referenced in the Update Log.

Blog owners have to accept the responsibility for some problems, even though not all problems are their direct fault. Bloggers whose computers run a version of Microsoft Windows, and who try to stay somewhat involved with the state of their computers, know about the second Tuesday of each month.

Called by some, "Black Tuesday", and others "Patch Tuesday", the second Tuesday of each month is when Microsoft distributes updates to computers running the various versions of Microsoft Windows. Depending upon your online state, and the aggressiveness of the patches being pushed, your computer might be updated later that week, or even sometime during the following week. Also, occasionally Microsoft pushes immediate ("out of band") updates, for extreme emergencies.

Updates pushed typically affect the operating system, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office. Many times, when Blogger stops working and you are using Internet Explorer, changes distributed by Microsoft will be found to have at least a contributing effect in causing your problem.

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rae said…
That really make sense to me. Thanks Chuck. I hope you are well too

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