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Internet Explorer Version 6 and the Content Warning Interstitial Screen

This month, we have yet another episode in the saga of bloggers and the interstitial warning screens. This episode appears to involve bloggers with blogs issuing a Content Warning (whether voluntary or involuntary), and having readers using Internet Explorer Version 6.

This is what some bloggers see, when viewing their blogs, sometimes after Accepting the Content Warning interstitial advice, other times this is shown immediately.

Interestingly enough, the blog source (somewhat munged in this example) looks normal.

Some bloggers have implied that their blog is under Content Warning, but they don't see the interstitial. If the interstitial advice has to be accepted, for a reader to view the blog, and the interstitial isn't presented for acceptance, the blog won't be seen. D'ohh. That may be part of the problem.

If you're experiencing this frustration, help us out, please. (Can anybody guess what question #1 should be?)??
  1. What is the URL of the problem blog?
  2. Which browsers have you tried (name and version are essential here!)?
  3. Exactly what do you observe? Be precise here, please.
    • An error message (If so, what complete and exact message?)?
    • A blank screen?
    • The background of the blog, but no text?
    • Some blog content, but not all?
  4. Which browsers do work, and which browsers do not work, for the blog with the problem?
  5. Is this your blog, and if so, is it an involuntary or voluntary content warning?
  6. When was the problem first observed?
  7. When was the problem previously not observed?
  8. Have you posted the above details (details are very useful!) in a thread in Blogger Help Group: Something Is Broken?

(Update 2/9): If you are seeing the above problem, regardless of whether you are using Internet Explorer V6 and your blog is subject to the Content Warning, your willingness to provide the above diagnostics will help us to help you. And, as Blogger Support suggests, upgrading to Internet Explorer V7 or V8 would be a very good idea.

(Update 2/5): Blogger Support has acknowledged the problem.
Thanks for the heads up on this folks.

We're looking into the underlying cause of this and hope to have a fix out shortly. However, I would strongly encourage those of you still using IE6 to upgrade to a newer browser. IE6 is quickly becoming obsolete across the net.

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uniformboy said…
They ( have changed the code of the content warning page, to only work with IE7 and up (other adult websites have been doing the same thing lately, quite frustating). Bill Gates trying to bully us into upgrading to IE7 (embedded traffic tracking). Hence forcing people to upgrade OS too. Because IE7 is available to XP and up only. Google has gone to bed with Microsoft....big DUHHHH. We're just the drones in this equation. So the solution is simple to continue blogging with adult content, you have to upgrade to IE7. Or complain to google about their decision to use the new code. I think they were forced to by new regulations on pornography. To better track criminals. Good thing? Bad thing? Have a great day people...
Anonymous said…
Nite cruzr, my answers
2. I have tried any other browsers. my own is
a 1o year old IE
3. I just saw the backgroud of the blog.
5. voluntary
6. jan, 27.
7. jan, 25
8. yes

My blog is visible since I´ve disabel the content warning.

Chuck said…

LOL. If you're going to smoke and post, learn to share what you smoke.

If you knew anything about the relation between Google and Microsoft, you wouldn't dream this. Indeed, if you truly want this fixed, get Bill to write Google that their flaw should remain forever, to force all IE users to migrate to IE V7 or V8. Google will then fix this flaw immediately.

Richard said…
Has google looked into why "google" or any transltor programs won't translate a blog that has the warning screen? It either leaves the original language, or gives an error message that"this page cannot be translated. Happens with firefox,ie7 and 8, and opera.
Chuck said…

I'd bet not. From our experience with the interstitials in general, it's obvious that they don't work with any redirection or automated processes. I think the whole interstitial concept was poorly planned, apparently a desperate attempt to simply cut down on whinings about "undesirable content".
Carla Hudson said…

2. Mozilla Firefox Ver.3.0.6, and E-explorer7 Ver.7.0.5730.13

3. %50 of the times it loads only the half of the page (Some blog content, but not all), the other 50% the blog simply stays blank (it's like it's loading but it doesn't. No "error message", it's the background color of the blog, but no text and pics.)

4. None of my browsers work, and my friends have tried whit theirs (I don't have ver. but they also use Mozilla Firefox or E-explorer) and it's useless.

5. Voluntarily NO, but involuntarily ...I really can't tell, my blog it's about toys, action figures and my brain tumor (it suck to be dying), there's nothing "mature" on that I guest...:/

6. When was the problem first observed?
7. It started about a month ago, but after some refreshes I could make it work, now it's jammed almost the 99% of the time. It was progressive...

8. Yes, it's no use, no one knows what to do about this error.
Penny Manning said…
I believe that the google problem acknowledgement was Feb. 5 not Jan. 5---the problem began on or about jan. 27....thank you for helping. Sweet Little Angel.
Lidia Sevilla said…
2. Mozilla Firefox Ver.3.0.6, and E-explorer7
3. It loads some content but not all, No "error message" appears, the backround color of the blog shows but the rest dosen't.
4. The blog can bee seen perfectly usinf Mozilla Fire Fox but my staff members use Internet Explorer 7 and it dosen't show.
5. Voluntarily or involuntarily ...I really can't tell i don't understand what this means
6. The problem started on Tuesday Feb 23 2009 and hasn't stopped.
8. yes

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