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Strange Behaviour By Post Editor

Normally, when I publish a post, I'll re publish repeatedly, to get the right content. For this post, I won't be doing that.

I just spent 1/2 hour updating another post, Another blog is already hosted at this address. I had to copy and paste some changes, from the published copy to Post Editor, when revising other changes. Here's what I did, initially.
  1. Start Post Editor.
  2. Make changes to an existing post.
  3. Publish the changes.
  4. Verify the changes in the updated post.
  5. Go back to Post Editor to revise the changes.
  6. The changes just made are gone.

Other bloggers claim that AutoSave doesn't work either.
Your request could not be processed. Please try again.
Auto Save failed.

And some claim problems with the posting date / time.
when i post the time it is wrong and doesn't change. keeps showing 12.08.

>> (Update 9/20 8:00): Last night, Prashant declared this episode to be over.
Recently, some of our users reported problems with editing, publishing and auto saving posts. We have released a fix which should prevent this from happening.

>> (Update 9/19 12:00): A Blogger Employee has (finally) posted a pinned thread, with a possible workaround.
Clear your browser's cache but do -not- clear your cookies.
In the process of adding this update, I note that my Post Editor shows very old contents for this post. Moving to another computer, I am able to update the current copy of my post. (1) But, to annotate the update, I have to move to yet a third computer. And I must note that the second computer is NOT typically used for composing or editing posts, so having a Post Editor article in cache there is not a possibility. And now, I am out of computers. I suspect that I will have to cease updating this post.

>> If you're still experiencing this problem, try clearing both cache and cookies, and restarting the browser. Or, try using a different browser for your editing.

>> (Update 9/18 13:00): A Blogger Employee is now asking for diagnostic details.
could you tell me the URL of the blogs you're experiencing this problem with, what Operating System (e.g. Windows XP) you're using, what Web browser you're using (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), and what country you're in.

>> (Update 9/18 8:00): The problem is not 100%, and it's not consistent. I'm able to post here, now. (1) And, having posted and verified the post, I can edit and see my immediately previous change. (2) And I can correct and annotate the previous change, too. (3) And so on. (4) And now we see 4 posts in a 10 minute span of time, and no loss of updates. (5) Looks like I, at least, am back in business. (6) And see my subsequent tests, too.

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>> Copy this tag: bX-*00083

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pretm said…
I had the same problem today. Going back to "Edit post" after publish reversed all changes made to original post.

Plus some errors when trying to auto save. Strange.
Even after I published, I was getting autosave failed and a red bar reading "error".

All my changes including title bar get lost.

Would it work just to do the final draft somewhere else and then post it without editing?
Bill Boushka said…
Thanks for the comments on the “Something is Broken” thread. I hope someone at Blogger will consolidate the threads, and also post soon on Blogger Status.

I’ve tested a lot of scenarios and documented what happens (with one of my own ["Wall Street"] blogs) on the long thread. I hope that helps them. But it seems like there is some kind of corruption of a database that holds the “change control” in the Editing of posts. Or it may be a display problem as to how it reads the changes when displaying on the dashboard. As I noted before, I’ve seen this kind of issue before in an IBM mainframe environment with Change Control when not used properly.

I noticed a change in the dashboard page to add a “Reading List”. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I haven’t tried the feature yet.

This is pretty urgent. I hope Blogger reports on this to us quickly.
Randy Rainbow said…
I am having the same problem. Why hasn't google posted anything about this? What can we do??
Nitecruzr said…

Google has been at work now for maybe an hour, so give them time to drink their coffee. We just documented the problem late last night.
Randy Rainbow said…
Hey Chuck,
So is Google aware of the issue? I just got concerned because I don't usually have problems or check blogger status, etc. And I just noticed that there have not been any updates this entire month. Usually they're right on top of stuff like this.

Nitecruzr said…

They have email about it. I share your frustration, but right now, we have to wait.

Though you can help contribute positive encouragement in the forum.
I did a test post.

Test post published

Showed up on blog

Edited post

Changes didn't show up on blog

Clicked edit and changes did appear on screen

refreshed blog, didn't show up

Clicked specific link on side for test post and changes were there.

Cleared cache for browser

Clicked home page and changes appeared.

Made major edits and published

Major edits now on blog
YES something is going on! I had the same problem and I'm just going to wait until tomorrow!! Why do they mess with it??
The changes are not saving! GZZ
Oooh, I just got an email that Blogger tested my blog with the test post. It's not on my blog but I got an email notification.
Still having problems here in the UK, on both XP and Vista in Firefox. I completely rearranged a post yesterday only to find it back in original form today.


I'm saving a copy in my yahoo drafts for now. How sad...

Robert M F said…
am from the Philippines using XP and Firefox 3. Been having some annoying experiences with blogger recently which is similar to what many are experiencing like edits not appearing.

Even after I refresh browser, clear cache and cookies... still... to no avail...

At times what I do to edit a post is copy the entire post and create a DUPLICATE post just to see the updated one.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon...
Bettina Tizzy said…
Thank you! I was having the "can't save or auto save" problem and tried clearing my cache, as you suggested, and it worked. :)))
I would also like to thank you. I was having the "can't save or auto save" problem and tried clearing my cache, as you suggested, and it worked for me too. First I "selected all" and copied the contents of the post. Next I cleared the cache. Returned to the list of posts. Opened the post for edit and pasted the changes I copied earlier. Hit the save button and it worked fine.

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