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Blogger CAPTCHAs - How Many Can YOU Solve?

We all know that spam is an ever present problem. In our blogs, our email, and online forums, you can't go anywhere without seeing advertisements for something - frequently placed there by criminals, who aren't paying the owner of the host web site anything. Blogger, one of the largest content hosting services in the world, is not immune to this pestilence. So Blogger is trying to do something about the problem.

One of the things that they are doing is, supposedly, making it harder for the spammers to publish blogs. The Settings - Publishing wizard, which lets you change the URL of your blog - to another BlogSpot URL, or to a non-BlogSpot URL - is now subject to the word puzzle aka CAPTCHA. For every change made.

Re publishing your blog - whether the an external server using FTP, or to a Google server and a custom domain - is subject to stress. Every blogger using custom domain ("Another blog is already hosted at this address", "404 Server Not Found")), or FTP ("FTPConnectionClosedException", "Your publish is taking longer than expected."), publishing surely knows of the agony and frustrations. And that's even without having to solve a CAPTCHA.

Now add a word puzzle, with the contents blatantly unreadable, to the process. It's almost as if Blogger doesn't want you to publish your blog.

You tell me - how many of these could you get right? You get one try, no error message - if you get it wrong you get another different one, worse than the previous one...

t - p / l o - f - j - q / g - k?
Probably a "P", but the g / q could be either...

p - d / c l - y - x - j
The j could be an i too ...

r - k? - c - g / q - p - u / v
Forget this one, try another ...

y - WTF move on ...

y - n - j - w - e
The n though is a major stretch!

Got lucky I guess. This one though is almost readable...
d - i - q - e - d / c l - s - t

E _ N _ O _ U _ G _ H !!!

The final, most humiliating, detail is that no properly equipped spammer is bothered, at all, by a CAPTCHA. The only people truly inconvenienced by this annoyance are the bloggers who merely wish to re publish their blogs.

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Cole said…
I feel your pain!

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