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Internet Explorer: "Operation Aborted"

Recently, many bloggers, when loading the blog of their choice under some older versions of Internet Explorer, have been faced with a rather monolithic error
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://<Web site>.com.
Operation aborted

This error has been seen before - just last month, SiteMeter updated their script, and many blogs with SiteMeter code became unreadable. Right now, though, the culprit doesn't seem to be SiteMeter, though we can't tell for sure at the moment. Nitecruzr Dot Net does use SiteMeter, and it's apparently not affected by this problem.

This won't make your readers very happy.

As of March 2009, we are seeing some bloggers state that removing the recently updated Followers or Friend Connect gadgets resolved their issue. Of course, with Following / Friend Connect becoming an immensely popular accessory, this isn't a good long term strategy, but it may provide a way for you to at least diagnose your problem. Alternatively, you can try structured diagnostic procedures, and remove any recent updates.

You can find a few discussions about this problem, by Googling "Internet Explorer SiteMeter Operation Aborted". Here are some examples.

Right now, all that I can recommend is that, if your blog is affected by this symptom, try and figure out what changes you made most recently, such as adding any HTML / JavaScript code, maybe in a gadget.
(Update 5/21 11:45): Blogger is working on this problem.
We're looking into this and will update this message when we have a fix.

(Update 5/21 9:00): This problem appears to affect this blog, for some readers. You may need to use a proxy server, in that case.

(Update 5/20 17:30): Blogger has acknowledged this problem.
We're looking into this; thanks for the report! We'll update the thread when we have a fix.

This problem comes and goes periodically, with differing basic causes.

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The Rock God said…
thanks for this. Deleted a few things...a pole and a on this day in history and it works.

Why doesnt blogger have a cust service area to tell you these things!!
Nancy Daleo said…
Thank you so much for this fab advice! i have three blogger's so i had to think about why this one is having problems and the answer is it has one unique widget on it!!!
I do sooooo appreciate your help,
aka rc said…
Thanks for the site. Although the problem did not appear to start when I added a Meebo IM embed it did appear to stop after removing it at
rc aat
Tammy Snyder said…
Would it help to go back to a date to before it began? Then just not add the things added, or do so one at a time to figure it out? My problem now, is that I read that IE8 doesn't do that so I downloaded the newer IE8. It fixed it for my computer however, other's still complain about it. Also, does the problem have to be something you just put up or can something older do it to?
Christian Women's Digest
Tammy Snyder said…
Could it be from people's comments?
My problem was the music I added from itune. I deleted it and it works again.
Unknown said…
Thank you Postcard Website... I just deleted my i tunes music and it worked... I am very grateful ... :)
mainstandman said…
Hi, Just like to say a gig THANK YOU as I was having problems with IE closing, followed your suggestion and removed followers(I dont have any anyway) and within 10 seconds problem solved!! Brilliant thanks.
Gennita said…
Well, this problem just started today on my site for no reason ;-(. I didn't add anything but a new post and people were responding fine for a few hours.
Algebra Teacher said…
Thanks so much for the help. I think it was a Mr. Linky widget that was causing the problems. It seems like it is fixed now. Thanks again.
Gennita said…
I took out the Friends Connect element (GOOGLE) and that seems to have solved the problem for now. It doesn't seem to be affecting your blog, though, so....
Sarah Mae said…
This is messed up...just switch to firefox! We should all be able to have itunes, followers, mr. linky, meebo chat, etc.

I agree, removing these things is not a good long-term strategy!
Michaela said…
Well, I had this problem for the first time this morning. IE would not let me view my blog. I then installed the update to IE 8, it didn't help. I don't want to remove my follower Widget. I just added another post last night and something that I don't know of messed up the site. Why can't blogger fix that problem?
marain said…
I experience "Operation aborted" with The Real Blogger Status, but it can be overcome for this blog by using the Back button from the error page. This works for my blog, as well, but it doesn't work for all blogs that have this problem. I didn't have a problem until today when I added the LibraryThing gadget, but I have other external gadgets, so I don't know why this particular gadget would cause the problem (maybe it isn't the cause of the problem?). When I tried to remove this gadget to test if it was the culprit, some other bug prevents me from removing it.
K said…
Started having the operation aborted problem with my blog this afternoon. It opens up fine in Firefox but not in IE. Delaying deleting Google Followers until tomorrow morning to see if Blogger resolves the issue. I don't want to lose this gadget if it can be helped.
K said…
P.S. When I hit the back arrow twice I was finally able to keep my blog up without the operation aborted window popping up.
marain said…
For the blog I had to hit the Back button four times before I could finally see the blog. I hope this problem will be fixed soon!
Barbies4Sale! said…
I received an email from a reader telling me about this problem. So I opened my IE6, and my blog "seem" to open properly. However, after checking, I found that it is on the "post pages" that the error occurs, while the Main page "seems" to load properly.
PJ said…
I've removed followers and it didn't help.
Karin W. said…
I removed Followers' widget too and it didn't help. The latest blog post loads properly but not all the other posts. Now, I have changed the level of security set for the Internet zone to Normal and no errors seem to occur. At least not for me.
This just started for me as well, or at least with in the last week so it can't be followers widget. I have had that for a long time with no problem. So frustrating. I was wondering why my stats dropped and then got numerous emails that people couldn't open my blog...GRR.
Rafiq Raja said…
Hi Real Blogger,

Apparently, I am experiencing the same problem (Intermittent Operation
aborted dialog message, with the blank page, the javascript error
message is the same which says parent object cannot be modified)in my
blog too, which surprisingly was working till the
day the Followers gadget was updated it to its new format, some couple
of weeks back.

I tried removing the followers gadget, but the problem still seems to
happening intermittently with Operation Aborted in all IE versions
(even 7 or 8). Out of 10 attempts 7 or 8 times the page loads up
without any issue, but fails atleast twice with the Operation Aborted

As noted elsewhere, this is not happening in Firefox. Could someone
help me locate what is causing the issue at my blog, from the Blogger
team. I will really appreciate your time if you could.

Looking forward for a favourable reply. By the way, I have put the
Followers gadget on the site back-up, since the issue was happening
intermittently even without the gadget.

Help, please ?????? nitecruzr... anything like removing which
gadget would help, because plugging in each component back up and
testing is a huge task, which I built over 2 years. Also, the problem
is somewhat linked to followers gadget, as it is in the last couple of
weeks since the code change, I am experiencing this issue.

Vikram Madan said…
I removed the google friend connect gadget a long time back, and my blog was ok.

But suddenly the following problem has risen on my blog...2 days back.

"rpc_relay.html" keeps reloading 2 times a second!!...on individual blog entry links...

....and prevents IE7 and IE8 from displaying the blog entries.."operation aborted".

Please help! 70% of my viewers can not load my blog entries anymore!!
Thanks for the information, at least one can know what is going on with the blogs.

I removed all the gadgets and it cleaned all the history of the browser and it also showed the same message after that.
Vikram Madan said…
Reference: My previous comment.

I replaced the 'google friend connect' affected template with a copy of template I had saved just before installing 'google friend connect'.

My blog is ok, now!

Thank you so much for your efforts, much appreciated!
I too am having repeated Operation Aborted problems, but not with all blogs I visit, just certain ones.
It is most frustrating, are there any new developments/suggestions as to what makes it do this ?
Any help would be gretaly appreciated.
HAve they given you any updates? This is still happening with my blog? Yes, planning on switching to WP since it wasn't fixed.
Luboš Motl said…
I am convinced that the bug was fixed by the yesterday's Windows Update of Internet Explorer and Visual Basic. Let me know by clicking above if you think it's not the case - but my Google Friend Connect views OK now.
Rafiq Raja said…
I agree with you Limo, since a couple of days, I have stopped seeing that stupid Operation aborted error message.

I guess it's much to do with Microsoft Patch Update, then with Google changing their code to make it work for IE.

I had almost deserted IE for others... now can hope that those who love browsing sites through IE would not be disappointed any more.

Madhurjya said…
My blog works fine in Mozilla

It works fine in IE 8


I use Windows VISTA

I do not have freind connect widget but have added the commenting system intense debate. the blog directory widgets were taking forever to load so I removed them as well, aslo the video bar and the search bar which were taking time to load. But no improvement and still shows operation aborted in IE7.



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