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Your Access To Blogger / BlogSpot, and IP Networking

IP Networking is how your computer, and millions of other computers worldwide, connect to Blogger and to Blog*Spot, and millions of still more computers. The Internet is based upon IP ("Internet Protocol") Networking. IP Networking, which uses packet switching technology, was legendarily designed for a military / political need - to survive imminent military action during the United States / Soviet Union Cold War, in the mid 1900s.

I'm envisioning a legendary, top secret, conversation:

Military Strategist #1:
Let's put computers on all of our military bases, and let's connect all of our computers with each other. Colonel Frimmis in Richmond can work better with Colonel Frammis in Dallas, with their computers directly connected.

Military Strategist #2:
And what happens when the Russians find out? They'll sneak over here, cut the network cable between Dallas and Richmond, and we'll be in deep you know what. The Alpha project will fall behind schedule, and General Frommis will kick our butts.

Military Strategist #1:
No problem. We'll give some of our computers multiple connections. We can connect Richmond and Dallas directly, and connect both to Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver through backup circuits. They won't be able to cut all of the cables, will they?

Military Strategist #2:
Now you're talking. Hole 3 looks like a #3 Wood, or do you think a #2 Iron to get over the sand trap?

And, the Internet was born. Was Al Gore one of the strategists? You be the judge of that.

What all of this legendary stuff means, for this discussion, is that your computer should be able to use multiple possible connections between it and every other computer ("server") in the world, that you want to access, at any given time. Defining and maintaining each connection to each server, and in this example between you and Blogger, is a joint responsibility.

If you can't access Blogger today, don't just post in Blogger Help Group
I can't connect to Blogger. What has Google broken this time?

Do some troubleshooting, please. Find out how widespread the current problem is, before making a unilateral accusation. And work with the experts and other helpers, not against them.

And by the way, it looks like the intermittent Blogger publishing problems of the week were indeed solved last night. Congrats, Prashant.

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