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People Losing Adminstrator Status On Their Blogs

On June 12, Blogger finally gave us the ability to transfer blog ownership. With that ability came the ability to remove ourselves from ownership, if and only if there was a second blog administrator.

Unfortunately, the display, and the change option, is confusing. People are removing themselves (or a friend), from administrator status, when they think that they are making themselves (a friend) an administrator.

If you're looking at the blog permissions display, and you see a clickable link besides your name saying "admin", wouldn't you think
Heck yeah, I'm an admin!

If the link says "admin", that means that you are currently an admin; clicking there makes you a guest. You click on the link, and now, you're a guest, with no warning. If you just clicked on your own entry, you are out and can't get back.

What's needed is a popup that says
Blog member xxxxxxx is currently an administrator. Do you want xxxxxxx to be a guest? Yes / No

But note that I said above
... the ability to remove ourselves from ownership, if and only if there was a second blog administrator.
You could only do this to yourself, if there was another administrator. Have that person restore your status, when he / she is available. And don't do this again.

>> (Update 7/11 10:45): Blogger Employee says
I agree! This is something we're looking into.

May the day come soon.

>> (Update 10/15): The day came, finally.

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Anonymous said…
Great Post, Chuck. Believe it, or not, I am sure some people out there in Noddyland, will toss themselves out. If they can 'accidentally' delete their Blog, or Email address, or whatever, they can change their permissions level. Just wait.
How Blogger didn't think of that before their changes, beats me. Has the horse bolted through the open gate, for some? Time will tell.
nadie said…
We greatly appreciate your help, but we are still in trouble:

I carefully read your post and the warning "if and only if there was a second blog administrator." However, a friend does not have a second administrator in his blog and we found no solution or answer by Blogger. Know something new to recover admin permission? This friend has a blog for social assistance and he's really upset by the mistake and the inability to fix it. We welcome any developments that could be informed.
Thank you for your friendly help. From the end of the world (lit.), jm.
Joe said…
Please help i am one of those from nobody land that de admined them self OR i think some1 hacked me please help
Nitecruzr said…

You can't deadmin yourself, unless there's another admin. You have to have the other admin reinstate you.

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