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Entering The Title (Or Link) In A Post Isn't Easy

Recently, you may have started, in Post Editor, to create or edit a post, and found that entering the title to the post wasn't obviously possible. You go to click in the Title box, to put the cursor in there and start typing, but the cursor isn't clickable when positioned there. This has also been observed as a problem in the Link box, though that is used so rarely that reports of this problem will be rare.

Instead of positioning the mouse pointer in the vertical center of the Title (or Link) box, as is normal, you have to move the pointer upwards very carefully. With the pointer positioned just below the top edge of the box, the pointer will turn into the standard insert icon, and you can click in the box, and start typing.

This has been observed in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. You won't solve (workaround) this by changing to another browser, or by clearing cache and cookies.

It's the weekend, and this is a fairly simple and non-intrusive workaround (unlike the one for the bX-mzm63b error). I'm betting that this won't be fixed for a few days, so we better get used to it.

Other folks are seeing this problem in the edit windows for HTML / JavaScript / Text page element widgets, where the formatting toolbar, and the link to switch between Rich Text and HTML, is totally inoperative. No moving the cursor gets any of the toolbar objects, or the link, to work. This pretty much leaves the page element editor useless.

>> (Update 7/9 11:15): Blogger Employee tells us
It seems that this issue is a result of a fix we pushed out on Friday. We're working on fixing things up as soon as we can.

>> (Update 7/9 13:00): Blogger Status advises us
Some users are reporting that they are unable to enter titles for their posts. We are currently investigating this problem and working on a fix.

>> (Update 7/10 17:30): Blogger Employee tells us
We're almost finished w/ the fix for this issue, which means it should be out shortly (I give it one day max).

>> (Update 7/11 13:00): Looks like this has finally been fixed.

>> Forum thread links: bX-*00056

>> Copy this tag: bX-*00056

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Pat Tabler said…
Just worked for me.
twitch said…
thanks for sharing this... you really saved my day!
Bruce said…
Works in the Link field also. Thank you very much for your help.
Worked perfectly! Thanks very much!

Jeff Miller said…
Any idea when the title field will work correctly?
Big D said…
This is still a problem! Please fix it ASAP.
Cheesy said…
Oh man this has been bugging me for 3 days now. Thank you so much for the answer. Is there a reson why this happened all of a sudden??

Thanks Again!
Paola said…
Thanks a lot, "If it wasn't for you, don't know what I'd do"
nobody said…
amazing thanks for the fix!
John Gordon said…
You are our hero. I thought it was going mad, since after 3-4 days of running into it without a fix or notice from google I figured it had to be me -- on 4 machines, 3 browsers (safari two), 2 operating systems, 2 locations ...
c said…
Thanks so, so much for the info!
John Gordon said…
BTW, I've been clicking in the general direction of the entry field, tabbing into the field, then using the arrow keys to edit.
Ron Southern said…
People really get pissed off and feel helpless about this one. I was okay until a while ago when the monstrosity gulped me down, too! There have been solutions posted in multiple threads, but it's not enough to cover all the new complainants. I wonder if it's now affecting everyone?
Adil said…
It worked for me. You are our hero..
Chuck said…
I think it's a server specific issue, and it's spreading to more servers.

It's the weekend, and there is a workaround, so I don't see them burning any midnite oil over it. We'll just have to wait this one out, and keep informing new victims.
DJP said…
Thanks, I needed that! How bizarre.
Scaryduck said…
Thanks! Spreading the good word.
crocoite said…
Thanks! A life-saver.
Ali B. said…
Thanks a ton... the titles are my favorite part!
rootswithwings said…
Thanks SO much for taking the time to post this!! It's greatly appreciated!
Cat said…
Obviously, I'm not the first one to say this but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was getting so frustrated and now I am happy. :) Thanks.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

thank you thank you
thank you my friend
CLM said…
Thank you so much! I am brand new at this, and assumed the error was mine. I appreciate your help.
Fiona said…
Thank you....problem solved with careful positioning of the cursor!
John Gordon said…
To expand on Chuck's comments, its interesting how this set of bugs starts on one server and propagates. It's a bit like an infection, as it spreads more and more are afflicted in different ways.

I've been having trouble for longer than four days, maybe a week. Sometimes it's just the title field, other times the controls in the title bar don't work. I use several browsers, locations and machines, so it does seem to depend on which Google/blogger server I happen to hit.
Jacey Blue said…
Thank you! :)
mperri said…
I am a much happier blogger now! Thanks!!!!
Earl Fando said…
It's still a problem on Tuesday evening. You have to just hit the spot.

At least you got Blogger Help to contact you. I've still not gotten a response from several e-mails abotu a major problem encountered during a live blog when Blogger's anti-spam posting locked myself and my colleagues from adding new posts during a live blog of the Oscars.

Funny that, Blogger not having heard of or planning to accomodate live bloggers. One wonders if they actually have a clue sometimes.

Lovely idea for a product, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Hope they get the bugs out.
seicaffè said…
thanks, a lot!!

Heidi said…
I noticed in a help group that you thought this problem might also be causing difficulty in going FROM html compose back to the wysiwyg mode last week or so. Now it happened to me too. Any work arounds here or do I just wait for Blogger?
Thank you for this Blog, my new favorite, no joke here.
Grifone said…
HELP¡¡¡ i´ve just upgrade to win vista and when i try to edit a new post the tool bar doesn´t appear, where is it? . at the button a yellow triangle... problem. is there anybody who helps me?? thanks

keep on learning
Chuck said…

If you just upgraded, you probably have security settings that you have to check.

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