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Oh No! I Just Reverted My Template!!

What do I do now? All my work on the blog!!??

I've written a few times about template conversion, and migration between Classic and Layouts, and migration between Layouts and Classic too. Reverting is easy, but I'd never tried reverting from Layouts to Classic, and back again.

So can you go back and forth, without losing template content?

When you revert, you get a popup advice
If you revert to your Classic template, you will still be able to recover your current design.

It's not lying to you. The path back isn't obvious, but you can get back. Until you elect to publish the blog by FTP or SFTP, that is.

Here's my test blog,, which has lots of odd and complex objects arranged in it. I just reverted it to use a Classic template, as a test.

When I view my blog, it indeed has a Classic template.

So you go back to the Dashboard, click on the Template link. From the "Edit HTML" tab, you may have to select "Customize Design". You'll now have the advice to "Give your blog a whole new look!" (again!). Hit the orange button, and you get to "Select a new template". Pick the same template that you had before you reverted, and it should come back with the Layouts Template blog just as it was previously.

Click on the orange button, to recover the template back to Layouts. If you don't see a button, or if the button doesn't do anything, you may have the New Blogger 2008 Upgrade button problem.

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Unknown said…
Can you help me please! My blog url is I used to have the "Add a Widget" button, but for some reason I do not have that now. Is there a way to get that button back? I would like to add a statcounter, among other things. Thank you so much!
Nitecruzr said…

From what I can see, your blog has a layouts template. What links, specifically, do you see in the dashboard display?

We can maybe work on this easier in my private forum Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging.
Unknown said…
Well, I don't know if you fixed it or not, but since I started talking to you, my "Add a Gadget" buttons are back. Thanks so much!
storyteller said…
thanks man it worked
Rikiche said…
thanks it works
mothproof said…
thanks for this. it's so deceivingly simple, but for klutzs like me it can take a lifetime to figure out. kudos nitecruzr :)
~suNshiNe~ said…'s back to normal...
Queen Charisma said…
Omg thank you so much :)
Amy L V said…
I am having this problem too. I think it's the same. I upgraded when I thought I had to, but now my blog looks all strange and I am missing so much. I just want to go 'home' to my old template, but I'm not sure how to do so. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated...I had a lovely blog before.
Amy L V said…
I am forever in your debt. Thank you very very much for your help. I've been up for hours, and you saved my blog!
Marlene Brady said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a life saver you are! It worked and I'm not having chest pains anymore! Much appreciation! -Marlene
dee said…
Thanks for this post. I tried to select Minima, however I got this error message in a new screen: bX-ulutah
HoneyBUZZin said…
Thank you sooooooooo much. I just successfully reverted my blog template to the one I use have. Thank you so much for all the guidelines....
** said…
Thx alot....
i did it :)
Thanks a lot. Really. My heart had skipped a bit. I had thought that I have lost my work. I had gone to classic and in the process had lost my pages
Danielle said…
Thanks so much for your easy directions!!
Thank you so much. I was afraid to hit that orange button. Everything is back. I was having a heart attack thinking with the holidays here everything was gone for good. Wonderful and easy explanation and thanks again.

Happy Holidays

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