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Posts not posting promptly

Various Bloggers report that their new posts, being Published, do not actually show up in the blog promptly.

The usual advice to clear or refresh cache doesn't seem to be consistently useful, though that's still a good place to start. Also, please note whether the missing posts show up in the post editor menu.

>> (Update 8/15): One Blogger reports relief from this problem by forcing a republish of the blog. This was achieved by changing to a different template, and then changing again, to return to the original template.

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TheDvineMissM said…
Well...mine latest post is not showing up on any computer I have looked on, but there is a comment on it. I can only see the latest post and all my comments when I am in edit mode.
HerOdyssey said…
I'm having the same problem right now on my blog

My newest post only shows up if I click on the labels I've put on it. Very irritating.
TheNick said…
All of a sudden new posts stopped showing up when published on the main page, when you visit the blog it looks as if there's no new posts, it doesn't even show the date in the blog archive, you can only access them by following the link sent to your email account for the new post. Clearing Cache or adding the "?" at the end of the address doesn't help permanently either.

Any solution to this issue? PLEASE HELP!!!!

De repente y sin motivo ni aviso alguno, las nuevas entradas dejaron
de aparecer en la pagina principal, cuando visitas el blog, se ve como
si no hubieran nuevas entradas, ni siquiera se ven en la lista de
archivo, la unica forma de verlos es siguiendo el link que te envian a tu correo avisando de una nueva entrada. Limpiar la cache o agregar "?" al final de la direccion tampoco ayuda de forma definitiva.

Alguna solucion a este problema? AYUDA URGENTE PORFAVOR!!

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