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Like any blogger, I appreciate polite comments, when they are relevant to the blog, and posted to the relevant article in the right blog. If you want to ask me a question thats relevant to blogging, but you can't find the right post to start with (I haven't written about everything blogger related, yet, nor the way things are going I don't expect to either), ask your questions here, or leave an entry in my guestbook.

As noted above, please note my commenting policy. If you post a comment to this post, I will probably treat it as a "Contact Me" post. If you have an issue that's relevant to any technical issue in the blog, please leave a comment on the specific post, not here. This post is for general comments, and for non posted contact to me.

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For actual technical issues, note that peer support in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, or Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging is, almost always, a wise choice. Here, you can make most general comments, where you don't expect an intelligent answer. Or, when I've asked that you post here, as a test.

No spam, please. All comments are moderated.

If your question is related to life in general, feel free to leave me a comment on my Musings blog.

Help me to help you.

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Tushar Walia said…

Its been more then 90 days since i deleted all of my posts.......can i get them back.....plz help......

DeanneM said…
Thank you for the helpful blog and for the regular guidance you give in blogger help.

I would like to make a new (2010) blogger template stretchy, so that the posts fill up any wide browser windows. Any ideas on how to do that?

Help! I have read a TON of posts on the infamous "another blog is hosted at this address" problem and nothing seems to help me. I also filled out the magical Blogger form to no avail. I need to redirect a blog I set up on a now-closed Blogger account to my new Blogger account. What can I do? domain is

Marianne said…
First Thank you for all of your help on the Blogger forums.
Whenever I post a question I am hoping you will see it, because I know I will get a decent answer then.
I have a question though that I have googled until exhaustion and posted on the forums' but no interest yet.
Do you know if there is a "what would Seth Godin do plugin" for blogger.
In effect it means that you can have a welcome message based on the cookies of your visitor. Any new visitor would for ex. see a message (welcome, look around, subscribe) while repeat visitors would not be bothered with this or would get their own message.
Oh and now that I am talking to you anyway :-) Any idea what the best blogger plugin is for comment moderation. I mean moderation in the sense that you can respond to a commenter in the comments directly under that comment?

Thanks for listening and again thanks for all your help!
Gabriel Boray said…
Great Blog, thank you, I just found you, I'll be back again and again now. But I can't find an answer to this: When I search Google for relevant key words, I come up 5th which is great, but it's for an old post, how can I make it so it comes to my home page or the latest post? Is that possible?
Thank you.
hello, please help me.. i dont know what is the problem with my seems that i cant post a blog into my home page..:(( but i can post into new pages.. why is that?? does my web browser had to do with it?? i use mozilla 3.0 i guess..and im using windows 7..i dont know what to me please..thank you..
my blog acct is WaTAHOLICS ..
Hi Nitecruzr,

I recently moved from blogger to wordpress and lost about 200 feedburner subscribers in the process. Is there any way to reclaim them?
Nitecruzr said…

What exactly happens when you use "New Post"?
KAMiiRU said…

omg! thank goodness!! i guess the problem was that my default setting was on the "Updated Editor" :)))
The old editor works perfectly fine..oh thank goodness!!! thank you thank you for your time..^^ kekekekeke~
Mansi said…
Hi nitecruiser,

Thanks for helping ppl restore blogs that have suddenly gone missing! Can you please provide any updates on the status? how long will it take? Can Google maintain a list of sites and give nos, so ppl know what time frame to expect??

Any help in getting my blogs restored would be appreciated, as a lot of readers/advertisers count on it.

I'm a follower of your blog. Over the years you've helped tweak my blog and answered my questions. Thank you.

This time I figured out something on my own. I don't know if you have this one on your site but I just "discovered" it.

The new Template Designer is great. You can get into lots of detail tweaking the layout of the blog. In doing so I find I wanted to customize it more than just the options availabe through the designer. For example, I wanted to tweak the footer text but there was no option for it through the designer. Instead of changing the code of one item or adding additional css, I found I could add the customization item to the designer by adding a variable definition.

If you look at the template code through "edit html" you can see the variable definitions groups at the beginning of the contents. I didn't have a variable for footer font so I added one (using other variables as example code, open and close symbols removed)

Variable name="footer.text.font" description="Text Font" type="font" default="bold normal 13px Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif" value="normal bold 11px 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, sans-serif"

And PRESTO! the option is now available in the template designer through the advanced settings! Now I don't have to tweak the individual code nor add additional css, I just have to add the variable code for a permanent option in the designer!

I'm submitting this to your blog because I think it may be useful to other readers of your blog.
tawna6988 said…
I have been searching the internet and found your blog.

I want to add a navigation bar tomy blogger account and cannot find it anywhere, or I am calling it the wrong name.

The bar you have on the top of your blog where it says "home, contact" etc. How do I find the info on how to add that into my blogger account?
Nitecruzr said…
The navigation bar that says "Home", ... "Contact", etc is a custom Pages / Posts / Links bar.
tawna6988 said…
Thanks chuck!!!!
heckamike said…
Hey there,

In regards to forgetting account email and password can I just request to remove the entire account as a whole with all the blogs etc. I really don't know the password nor the email. I have had millions of different usernames and password that I can't seem to remember this one.

How do I do that?
Nitecruzr said…

If it was possible to have any Blogger account and blogs removed, simply upon request - as you are asking - then any Blogger account and blogs would be vulnerable to malicious removal by third parties.

I hope that you can understand the need for Blogger to verify rightful ownership, before removing accounts and blogs.
heckamike said…
Okay so i just found my email and password, but it doesn't work. Is it because I requested to reset my password? Or because I didn't use it in a while?

Regardless, that email I use to use is no longer active.

What should I do? I just want to cancel my account.

Nitecruzr said…

You need to start a new discussion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so your issue can be escalated to Blogger Support.

I found you on a blogging question and was curious if you'd be able to help me.

I posted up a blog today at around 11 AM ET. It shows on my actual blog page, but is not showing up in dashboard under my reading list (I follow myself to ensure that my blogs post correctly)

I am not hiding any blogs or clicking that "hide" button so I am unsure of what to do. Also, I do not have a link in the blank URL box in the Site Feed tab.

So I am worried that no one is able to see my blog posts because I cannot see my newest post in my reading list. I only see my last post, which was posted 2 days ago

Let me know!
Nitecruzr said…

This is an excellent question for asking in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. Did you start there?
Vanessa said…
Just recently I noticed that in preview mode and when I publish a post and view it, I lose all the line breaks in my posts {when viewing from the home page the line breaks are correct}. I also noticed that all my line breaks in past posts have also disappeared.

I believe this might be an issue with the html in my blog but I haven't been able to find a fix except to put wording in between the paragraphs and change it to the background color, but I haven't found a way to correct my past posts.

Under the formatting tab I have "convert line breaks " set to "yes" and I have also tried entering the

Have you heard of this issue before and if so, do you know how to fix this issue?


vanessasvalues {at} hotmail {dot} com
Sonya Marie said…
I'm in dire need of your expertise... I accidentally switched to the stupid new template thing and I can't get my page elements back nothing....And all of my pages and buttons are absolutely GONE. I'm so frustrated I could just cry.
Nitecruzr said…

It sounds like you reverted to a classic template - in which case, you should be able to un revert the template.
Jeanne Gwin said…
Chuck, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in assisting me with my "lost blog" problem. You are wonderful. Jeanne
Lindsay said…
Hi, I noticed that you have answered a lot of questions, so i am hoping you
> can help me out. I had a blog at blogger Meandmommytv then I bought the
> domain .com, so now it is, but nothing is showing up.
> I bought it last Saturday and I am not sure if I am supposed to be doing
> something or if it just does it's own thing? Any help would be great..
> Please email me Gidget4LB(at)
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Lindsay,

You published to "". Using upper case letters in the URL is a known problem, with custom domains.

Publish the blog back to BlogSpot, then re publish it to
"" <-- NOTE all lower case letters!

You can still advertise the blog as "", if you wish. Just publish as "", first.
Zahra said…
hi there,
you have a few different posts about transferring my blog from my old gmail address to my new one. reading through them, i am a bit confused and am wondering, is the following one the most recent?

my blog is on my old gmail address and i don't use that one at all, except to log in to blogger. i am happy to delete it after transferring, but need some advice...

Nitecruzr said…

I suspect that with your question, you'll be better off asking it in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, where we can explore what your problem is.
rippster4christ said…
THANK YOU! For you advice on the links going to another window!!!
Isha Dasha said…
Hi Chuck, I think you're really great how you find time to help all of us! Me also need your precious help: how can I do a blog like yours, I mean, with multiple posts on different pages, with a pages index on the top as you have, with different backgrounds on each page. I want to could add a post and to put it in a certain page. I tried with pages index but I couldn't put more than one post. I tried with labels but in the labels index that I put as a gadget on the top it doesn't appear anything. Pls help me!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot! dany
Nitecruzr said…

What you're looking at, "multiple posts on different pages, with different backgrounds on each page" are a collection of blogs - some by me, others by friends. Each blog has different backgrounds and styles.

I provide the connections to the different blogs using the menu bar, which is a linklist that replaces the default Pages gadget.
Catherine said…
HI -

I'm a major amateur and am having some troubles.

I purchased my domain through wordpress but was hating their blogging services. So, I'd like to publish my Blogger blog on my wordpress-hosted domain.

I need to enter information for nameservers to do this. Right now it says NS1.WORDPRESS.COM and NS2.WORDPRESS.COM.

Any advice on what to type in there to get my Blogger to point to my domain?
Nitecruzr said…

I think you need to post a question in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, so we can explore the possibilities.
milan said…
Hi Chuck,

could you help me in this? I made a blog, make posts but only 2 per page is shown.
I thought it is because the auto-pagination, but another page like mine doesn't have this problem:
I set the number of posts shown at the options but it is useless.
What could be wrong?
thank you in advance
Nitecruzr said…

This is an issue that we need to explore in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, where your problem can be diagnosed.
Anonymous said…

My domain is when i use this domain to publish
I get the error "another blog is already hosted at this domain". I bought it from godaddy. initially it worked but after a while godaddy blocked my account to verify it and temporarily removed the domain. i called them up, got it verified and got the domain back but now upon adding that domain it shows "another blog is already hosted at this domain" I cant get it working.

And right at the time when my domain was temporarily removed by godaddy blogger was undergoing maintenance so could this be a reason for the problem..
tell me what i can do to get my domain working.

im frustrated :(
Nitecruzr said…

We need to diagnose your problem, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Anonymous said…
Hi Chuck,
I am very dissatisfied with the problem I'm facing. I've searched all the Internet from head to toe for solution but cant find any. If you can help me with this I will be very grateful for that

My custom domain url for which blogger is rejecting is

My problem is that im getting "another blog is already hosted on this domain". :(

I'm even ready to pay a little amount to you as a gift if you can help me solve the problem.

Heather G said…
I set up my Blogger blog to post to my new Dreamhost-hosted sub-domain ( I had help from Dreamhost tech dept. to set up the CNAME, and the blog was posting and visible in the browser at the sub-domain) until Blogger went down that same day for maintenance (May 12).

As of May 15, blog still missing ("The requested URL / was not found on this server"). Any ideas as to when blogger will recover blogs, or if something is broken and I need to start over somehow?

By the way, after reading your posts, I set up an additional CNAME at Dreamhost, so I have one for and one for From wht you say in your instructions, I am pretty sure I don't need to change "A" names there. Right?

Unknown said…
Hi, thank you for helping me understand my blog and template better. I have one question for you. This is my blog URL if you can visit it, you will see below the navigation bar there needs to be some sort of scroll i.e. uplod pictures etc. I have never been able to figure this part out and how I can edit it so I can load some picts on that big grey blank spot. Can you help me figure this part out please? I will really appreciate it.

Nitecruzr said…

The error message "another blog is already hosted on this domain" is well known, but can have any of several causes. You need to start a discussion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can work on this together.
Miss said…
Browser(s) used: Mozilla and IE
Geographical Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
My Frustration Level 1-10: 10

Currently, when I click view blog, it returns the following message: 404 NOT FOUND The requested URL / was not found on this server.

I created a blog using Blogger ( and purchased a GoDaddy domain (

I initially walked through GoDaddy’s version of instructions with no luck. I phoned customer service 3 times each call had a 48-72 hour turnaround time. I came upon the site “The Real Blogger Status”. I then called GoDaddy Customer Service and we did this together:

I did this:

I tried this:
And got a message like this: “Conflicting edits There was more than one attempt to edit this resource at the same time. This may have been because you double clicked on a link or a button or because someone else is also editing this blog or post…” I don’t know what to do…Please help
I see your followers have disappeared, too. What's going on at Blogger? All help appreciated!
marjaan manoon said…
Hi, I have a problem and don't know where to post for help, so please accept my apology in advance. My problem is; I can't see my networked blog followers in my dashboard and on the blog itself despite installing the widget that I followed step by step. I use internet explorer and also tried chrome but in both the widget doesn't display the followers. I live in NV, and use broadband internet connection. i am pasting the code for the widget below, maybe you can spot something. My blog is
here is the code for the networked blog widget:
it doesn't allow me to paste the code, I get "Your HTML cannot be accepted: PHP, ASP, and other server-side scripting is not allowed." is there another way to send you the code? thanks Marjaan
Tegan Jephcott said…
Hi! I'm a bit confused, I found an article for setting up and intergrating blogs to websites, but I would like to intergrate two blogs together, under seperate headings, such as you have on here with Home, The Buzz, Blogging, etc. all seem to take you to different blog pages (where you can post separate blog posts.) That is what I'd like to do on my own blog. How have you done this? Set up more than one blog then used that blog as a link in the tab? Help very much appreciated!
Nitecruzr said…

If you replace the default Pages gadget with a linklist, you can link to anything you like, in the linklist entries. Pages, posts, label searches, other blogs - all are possible linklist entries. That's what I did, with my menu bar.
Heather G said…
Tegan, that was a great question, and Chuck this was the first time I clicked on your tabs and found your other blogs. Cool idea, I'm going to check it out!
Jana said… have helped me sort out several issues. I appreciate that!
nunya said…
hi Chuck, I left a comment a couple weeks ago and have not heard anything, not sure what happened. I have been waiting since February for google to do something or even write me about the fact that they keep redirecting my sites that used to be blogger sites. (ftp). Anyhow.. i am paying for the sites but i am not being allowed to post to them because google blogger is overriding in the dns entries i suppose. you had mentioned not to post again on the question forums.. that my question was in a queue... however, how long does it take to make it to the point where someone will do something. I really appreciate any help you can give me. ONE of the domains in question is there are a few others.. but if we can get that worked out then the other ones will be easy as pie, right? :)

anyhow, I appreciate your time and what you can do to help me. Have a fantastic holiday!!!

benta said…
Hi. I hope you can help. I paid 10$ to switch from to on 16th June (It's now 9th July) and PC visitors cannot see either blog, although smart phone visitors can. I can create and edit posts, but no-one can see them. I have tried all the google troubleshooting options, but this is not covered by FAQs and it doesn't seem possible to get help anywhere. I am a paying customer and yet I have lost my blog and cant get any help
I have spoken to GoDaddy, and they tell me I need Blogger to sort it as there is nothing GoDaddy can do. I really hope you can help
Nitecruzr said…

We need to explore this in detail, when you start a discussion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Sven said…
Hi, I found you Blog via Blogger Help :) Great site!

My question is about hosting the Blog on a custom Domain.

The problem with Blogger is, it requires me to set the ANAME with 4 different IPs.

However, the provider of my Domain will only let me change ONE IP for the A-Record.

Will it be sufficient to choose one?

Thanks for the help, could not find answers elswhere :(
I'm at my wit's end. My blog has been classified as a Spam blog for almost a month now. I've submitted requests to fix it THREE times, (8/3, 8/10 and today) posted on the forum and gotten NO response. It is an important blog to me with many links to it and I can't get any help. What am I doing wrong? This is SO frustrating. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Blog is

I can be reached at . This is FAR more helpful than my gmail account.

Yes I shouldn't post emails openly but I'm getting a bit desperate to get this fixed.

Thanks in advance. If this can be escalated I would greatly appreciate it.

Nitecruzr said…

Spam review requests absolutely must be addressed in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Marina Garrison said…
I had a blog at I created a custom domain and selected the redirect genealogy visitors to the new domain (genealogy

I have later realized that blogger has allowed someone else to claim the domain (effectively stealing my traffic).

Have you heard of this happening before? It hasn't happened with any of my other blogs which are all set up the same way.
Nitecruzr said…

There is no way that you should be able to "Redirect to". That is not a valid selection, for the Blogger redirection option.

I'm going to strongly suggest that you post to Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can discuss this in detail.
lisa said…
Is there an easy way to publish a page in blogger with links opening in a second window?
Hi Chuck..need your help. You may recall way back when ...when you helped me with my site Well I want to change the url or site name to which I have tried to do by following your instructions and now no site name is recognized..can you help as I am afraid I have blown it...
Anonymous said…
I was able to comment on you second blog. Until yesterday I had no problems commenting and have changed no settings. Please help me fix this problems. Thanks
Thanks so much for helping to get my back up and running. I had just started another blog: when dirtycowgirl told me my blog was back! I guess I'll keep both!
Thanks again!!
Unknown said…
I got 88 hits from your blog's homepage... anything about that? I find that a bit suspicious... My Blog is
Our Health 360 said…
Hi I have looked over your site and tried to search for this answer..But no I am asking now. :)

I just set up a Blog then I forwared my web address through go daddy to the blog address.

But I find I keep getting this message every time I want to view it..other have to. This is of course a huge problem for me..since this is business blog.

This is what I get..if I click on "Open this content in a new window" it will open the blog. Please advise..much thanks

This content cannot be displayed in a frame

To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

What you can try:

Open this content in a new window
Katie Fairbank said…
Thanks very much for your help. You solved the redirecting problems that had been irritating me for several years. Happy holidays.
Pierre Dumas said…
I have ten blogs as pages to the main blog/site , the links on the link bars on all blogs/pages only lead to the same blog/page! I'm certain that I didn't cause it myself! It once happened and after I sent my complain as feedback it was fixed and then came again!
I make an average of 3 blog posts a day. And everytime i finish one blog post,i share it on facebook, twitter, digg. Is this considered as spam?
Thank you :)
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Kim,

I really would like to address this with you - in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, where we can work on this problem properly.
SkinnyManhattan said…
Hi Chuck - I'm not even nearly as blog-literate as these people calling themselves neanderthals in this comment section. So here goes what may be a dumb questions. I just switched my blog (www.TheSkinnyOnManhattan) to the dynamic view the day before and have heard from my readers that they cannot really scroll through or click on my blog on their iPads. Is this a deliberate thing done my Google? Is there anything I can do to enable something on iPad?

Also, I've looked through the forum for any kind of news about introducing gadgets but don't really see any recent replies from Google about it happening. Do you have any idea if and when they are planning to do so?

Last question - right now, is there any way I can get an 'about the author' link on my blog?

Thanks so much for your time.
Nitecruzr said…

3 blog posts / day should not be in itself, spam. Nor should sharing them on FaceBook, Digg, or Twitter.

But the more posts and shares you do / day, the more visible the blog may be to the spam classifier. And if there are other features of the blog that might be marginally spammy, the blog could still be classified.

It's possible that the live human people who review the blog will see it as non spam (but the blog will be down while the review is pending) - or the humans might decide that it's spam. Fuzzy spam classification can be like that.

You place yer bets, and the croupier spins the wheel. Red, or Black?
Mitza_003 said…
love your articles!
BeautyBuzz90210 said…
Hey Chhuck. Thanks for the great posts. I have a problem. My blog was deleted somehow and I can't find it.

Isn't there an online appeal to write to google to have blog researched and reinstated? Please help.

Nitecruzr said…
Here's a comment, on a blog which I do own.
Unknown said…
how do i find my google blog ID and how do I make it public?
WTFiam?! said…
Hi Everyone,

Kindly help me to sort out the issue regarding my domain. I already consulted netfirms regarding this issue and according to them i need to contact blogger. I am having a hard time parking the blogger to my custom domain. As per netfirms, it is already fixed on their side because when i typed in the URL, i am already routed to .com site. hence, it wasn't showing the blogger site.

blogger's url:

if you need further details just send me out an email. Thank you very much.

Nitecruzr said…

I will try to keep an open mind, but if I had a dollar for every time I have answered "My registrar told me that they have this setup properly, and Blogger has a problem ...", I could retire with ease and live in Paradise.

Please post this query in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can diagnose this properly.
Tom said…
Thanks for all of the great information you provide here!

I became convinced that the Blogger platform could be a great alternative to more traditional websites, especially for those more or less news-driven anyway. Content management is much better ("normal people" are not intimidated) and some reasonably easy customization makes a site look less like a blog.

However, moving the domain from the existing hosting company may be easy but is fraught with anxiety. Blogger help does not seem to provide help and you have some wonderful articles but I'm still unsure.

A call to GoDaddy was the most helpful to get started ... but we will see how it works out in a few days when the domain actually transfers and I get it pointed to the blog. I'm still completely unsure whether I need to do something to get the Google Apps that would normally be associated with a new domain set up through Google.

Sorry about the long story, but I'm writing to suggest a consolidated step-by-step article on how to get a website domain moved to a Blogger blog and get the result the same as a new one set up through Google.

Thanks again for all your help!
Unknown said…
Hey! Great blog!

I had a question though... how do you keep the welcome post always the first post on your homepage? Pretty cool feature.
Unknown said…

Blogger 'reactions' won't show... it says it's enabled, but it doesn't work. Here's the url

Any ideas? Thanks!
Unknown said…
Sorry, here's the correct url

Reactions won't work, don't accept that last one, I posted another url
Nitecruzr said…

The Welcome post in this blog is an HTML gadget, positioned just above the "Blog Posts" gadget, with the XML tweaked to display only when the Home page is displayed. It's essentially a static Home page, with posts displayed ("Show" set to "12 posts").
i tried searxching see if there was a FIX to this problem of unwanted HIGHLIGHTING while doing a post. a number of us have complained...

but nothing has been done about it. maybe YOU know why?? why isn't Blogger doing anything about this? thanks. it's pretty frustrating!
Unknown said…
hey there, im having trouble finding the EPP code for my blogger which i purchased the domain name when i made the blog. how do i find the epp once ive purchased my domain through google?
^.^ said…
I always put a piece of music with my blogger entry ... now I can't get into mixpod anymore ... what am I doing wrong?
Unknown said…
Thank you a thousand times! for your helpful blog and your support in Blogger forum.
mzjohansen said…
tried to understand how to make my issue work and I simply am beyond hope!

I have a domain name registered with IPage. I have a longstanding blog on Blogspot. I do not want to use Weebly or Wordpress as my domain platform. I just want to use my domain name so that if someone enters my domain name they are directed to my blogspot blog. I've tried following the simple directions on blogger support and have contacted Ipage and am simply lost in ignorance. It's stressing me out!

Is there anyone that you could recommend that I could pay to just set my domain name pointer the right way without the need for me to lose all of hair (pulling it out) in the process?
Thanks !! very much.
Nitecruzr said…

Unless I'm mistaken, iPage doesn't provide DNS control to their customers - so you probably won't be able to publish a Blogger blog there. That said, there may be some alternative solutions that we can suggest, if you post in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, where we can discuss this in detail.
mzjohansen said…
Thanks! I did as you suggested, but I am willing to pull my account away from IPage - as long as the domain names does not get "lost in cyberville".
My posts are not showing up on the blogger reading list. Any suggestion you may have would be appreciated, Laura
Tia Richardson said…
Hi. Your 'create static home page' was helpful. However, after having successfully done it, when I went to settings>search preferences> Custom Redirects and deleted a new redirect for the first time, and went back to redo it, my edit options were all greyed out except for entering the paths, hence, could not save them. How to restore this?
My blog is:

The problem is:

I have added the pages widget to my blog, however it only allows me to show three pages at a time. I have chosen to display pages as top tabs and it only shows three.

When I display in the sidebar I don't have this issue.
Hi Chuck,

You posted a response to my question on Blogger Help recently - thanks for that:!category-topic/blogger/something-is-broken/gzYtj7an7Vc

I'm trying to find an auto post summarisation procedure which keeps the spaces between paragraphs and which respects the divs I put my images in.

The ones I have found take the caption I attach to my images and put it in with the main text.

Any ideas?

Nitecruzr said…

The best that I can recommend is that you stick with "Jump Break" and don't involve meta code ("<div>" etc) in the posts. Only "Jump Break" works well with auto pagination - and most auto summarisation techniques work best when truncating text - not meta code. I am doubtful that you will find a solution written for you, with exactly those requirements.
Heather said…
Hi, I am trying to register a custom domain name. I originally tried last night, but didn't have my credit card and left the process. When I returned to do it today, it won't let me. I click the Proceed to Google Checkout button and get the following message, "We found an existing order for this domain. Contact customer support." There is no link or information for customer support ???

Thanks for your help! Heather
Unknown said…
Hi Chuck, any suggestions on how to get a false Blogger account taken down? A friend has a Blogger account. Someone malicious setup a FALSE blog account as if they were her.

In the false blog she is accused of participating in illegal activities. Again, this blog is created by someone else and is written using her image, her name and her business name.

She has contacted Blogger, followed the rules to get it taken down. NO response.

Any ideas? This is a cruel person doing this to a married Mom with a little girl. Horrible.

Thanks, Chuck
Nitecruzr said…

The term "fake" or "false" blog has always intrigued me. Just because a blog may bother or offend you, this does not make it a fake blog. All blogs are real - regardless of your opinion.

You need to understand the differences between Defamation (ridicule, slander, trash talk) and Impersonation (identity theft). The first is a civil offense - and must be adjudicated in a civil court - not by Blogger / Google. Only the second is a TOS offense, and can be reported to Blogger / Google for disposition.
Adina said…
Hi Chuck,

I got a custom domain from the blogger(the only company that offered was Enom). Everything is registered and running according to the Enom tech guy. But on my blog it does not redirect to my domain. How do I fix this problem?

Ali Cross said…
Hi Chuck, thank you so much for this blog! I use it faithfully and have for a couple years now. You are my go-to resource for all things Blogger!

I have an upcoming event on my blog and I'm concerned about bandwidth. I've read your articles on restrictions and usage and done some homework and I *think* there should be nothing hampering my visitor's usage during my event, but I wanted to hear it from someone who knows Blogger way better than I do.

Basically, for three days I could have 1000+ visitors to my blog who will be watching videos (embedded using YouTube iframes) and chatting (embedded CoverItLive iframes). I believe that using these services in iframes will mean that they are taking the brunt of any badnwidth usage, but I have a friend who did something like this and her blog/site crashed. I don't want to crash!

Can either put my mind at ease or tell me how I can avoid my site crashing during this event?

Thanks so much Chuck! Here's my email, just in case ali (at) alicross (dot) com. :)
Just wanted to THANK YOU! You help me so much and you don't even know it!!
I was having an issue of getting the domain I bought through google linked to my blog. When they tell you it is quick and easy...they lie! Thanks for getting me through the process! I'm your newest follower. Today's post I'm giving you a shout out!
Hello, Chuck!

Thank you for your exceptional support blog.
Although I am fairly ignorant about the technical aspects of blogging, I do have 52 *Free* children's photo-stories that are lovingly crafted and are intended to provide values based education to youngsters.

My problem, Chuck, is that I do not know how-to expand my outreach for this Quality blog. I feel like the bliblcal injunction against hiding your lantern under a bushel basket! LOTS of really hard– quality work... but I wish to learn how to expand our audience!

Perhaps someone among your vast contacts would be willing to share some outreach strategies for this wholesome and whimsical early-childhood education site?!
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Ryan,

I'm periodically working on the "publicity" issue, as the periodic changes by Blogger and Google make for exciting updates.

You can start with my main post, Publicising Your Blog - as well as my Forum FAQ: How Do I Get Readers And Traffic?.!category-topic/blogger/l02w2YK_0Gw[1-25-true]
Karen Valentine said…
Hi Chuck! Thanks so much for all the great information that you provide us all. It is very much appreciated. I am writing because I have exhausted all other avenues of information. My friend's blog is not updating in any blogrolls and it is driving here (and me) crazy! I have searched and searched and cannot find a fix for this. Can you point me in the right direction???
Karen Valentine said…
Oops! Guess I should have left you her blog address...
Thanks again!!
Nitecruzr said…

There are several possible reasons for blogs not updating in blogrolls - and they really should be diagnosed, individually.

I'm going to suggest here, that you start a new topic, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, and provide necessary details such as the URL of the blog.!category-topic/blogger/3-i6pKZa0n0[1-25-true]
We3ForDemocracy said…
Great Blog. You are a real computer Guru. I am exactly the opposite.
Can you help me please. Webmaster says I have 267 blocked URLs. I don't even have a fraction of that many posts. The robots.txt is reading OK. Thank you.
Nitecruzr said…

I am looking at your blog - and you're right, you don't have 267 posts.

But you do have about 40 posts - and somewhere between 5 and 10 label references / post. 40 x 7 == 280

Since label references are the main cause of the "blocked URL" in the WMT reports, that's about right (give or take a few).
I posted this in the Blogger forum and received no answer. Could you give it a shot for me? Thanks, Bill
Sometime in the distant past I remember reading something to the effect that selling from a Blogger blog was against Blogger's rules( something like it was a violation of TOS). Is that still the case or has that changed? For example I'm a photographer who sells my fine art photos through sites such as Cafepress, Zazzle, and Fine Art America. I'm thinking about turning my Blogger blog with its custom domain into a photo blog with perhaps short little articles about the photos including where they were taken and/or how they were taken. Is it ok to either link the photo directly to products that show that photo in Cafepress or Fine Art America or can I add an HTML widget that is linked to my stores at Cafepress or Fine Art America? Fine Art America even has a shopping cart widget( you can see it here: Can I put that on my Blogger blog or will Blogger shut me down? Or could I have something as simple as a sidebar photo that's linked to my stores? I see lots of Blogger blogs that have these sorts of links or widgets but I am wanting to make sure that I stay clear of anything that violates Blogger rules.
Nitecruzr said…
Bill (Campfire),

Selling products (from a Blogger blog) is perfectly legal - as long as the product or service is legal.

You cannot sell access to Blogger services - maybe that's what you read?

Thousands of Blogger blogs, though, are used by small businesses. And there's no native "checkout" / "marketplace" Blogger add-on - but you can easily setup any agreeable small business market third party service, then link your blog and the market service that you setup.

Just be careful, and don't mix ads hosted on your blog with programs that let you buy and sell "traffic" (aka "affiliate marketing").
Jim McKee said…

Thanks for all you do.

I have a question. Moving a Blogger blog from one custom domain to another, is it better to:
1. Revert to URL, then publish to new custom domain, OR
2. Export XML file from old custom domain blog, import it to new one.

At this time, I don't have very many readers or subscribers, so that part is not a big concern. Thanks!
Nitecruzr said…

If you have a working blog (comments, posts, template), keep the blog - and change the URL.

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