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This blog is The Real Blogger Status. This post is The Real Blogger Status NewsFeeds, and you are looking at the blog itself. What you see is a lot easier for you to read, than for computers to do so. There's another copy of your blog, that's designed for computers to read.

The other copy is called the blog (site) feed. The site feed is read by a newsfeed reader. If you would like to be informed, automatically, when this site (or any of millions of other sites on the Internet) is updated with new and interesting articles, you get a newsfeed reader, and subscribe to one or more feeds.

You have several choices, for newsfeed readers. Here are a few examples.

You have several feed choices, for The Real Blogger Status. You can take any of these feed URLs, and subscribe using any of the above (or numerous other) newsfeed readers.
CommentsBlog Comments - AtomBlog Comments - RSS
PostsBlog Posts - AtomBlog Posts - RSS

Please note that the above 4 feeds are just suggestions of what you may subscribe to, to get the most out of this blog.

Just beneath the orange "XML" sidebar icon, which you may have clicked to get here, you will see the "Subscribe To" gadget, with various options for Posts and Comments. You can add that gadget, using the Layout "Add a Gadget" wizard, as the standard Blogger "Subscription Links" gadget, to your blog.

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codetalker said…
hi nitecruzr
i am getting back into writing in my blog and i have missed the act of purging my thoughts. i am glad you have a site that has helps offered. thanx
WendyHope said…
How do I get my blog to translate Japanese to English?
Sarah said…

My first ever and I am so excited...I look forward to having people read my sharing and trust they like what they read.

Unknown said…

Thanks for the post, very informative. I've been aimlessly wandering around the cyber wasteland looking for the answer to putting posts on pages, and after reading your post...problem solved! I am now a subscriber. Keep the faith and blog on
Betsy Speert said…
You were so helpful with the blogger/ipad problem, that I want to subscribe to your blog.
Is there a way to do an email subscription? I'm not really sure what RSS or Atom are.
I'm old and still learning all this internet stuff.....
Nitecruzr said…

Look in the sidebar for the gadget "Subscribe to me". Click on the link "Subscribe to The Real Blogger Status by Email", which should take you to a FeedBurner Email Subscription form.

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