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Comments are always appreciated here - but some ways of posting comments are more appreciated than others, when they help me to help you easier.

If you have a specific technical concern, please spend some time reading the various posts here. Click on "Topics" in the menu bar, and examine the Topics list. Try and post any comments in a post relevant to the subject of your comment.
  • If you have a question, or need help, about a specific blogging issue, post in Google Blogger Help, or in my supplementary forum Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging.
  • Always post comments about specific technical issues under a post discussing that issue, in the appropriate forum. Please! If you have a technical comment or question, comment under a post with an appropriate title.
  • Post comments about random blogging issues under The Real Blogger Status: Leave Comments Here.
  • Post comments about random networking issues under PChuck's Network: Leave Comments Here.
  • Post comments about random life and social issues under Miscellaneous Musings: Leave Comments Here.
  • If your comment includes any technical details, it really should be discussed in the appropriate online forum. If your details are sufficiently interesting to me at the time, I may elect to answer your query by email. This will only happen if you post with your email address provided - anonymous posts can't be handled this way, and many anonymous posts will be discarded.
  • Please note that I moderate comments here aggressively. I will not publish comments which
    • Contain foul language.
    • Link to controversial blogs, web pages, and web sites.
    • Link to spammy blogs, web pages, and web sites.
  • I prefer to publish comments, and posts, about solutions - and objective criticism. Even if your comment is technically correct, and relevant to the post where it's being moderated - if half of your comment consists of complaints about Blogger, and how evil they are for making changes without your consent - or attacking me for not treating you (or your buds) with the respect that you demand, I'll regretfully decline to publish your comment.

    Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress all provide free online hosting. You're welcome to setup your own blog or web site where you control the content, and say what you will. Here, it's my ball park. Thank you for understanding.
  • If my comments about spam, and about Bloggers attempt to reduce spam, offends you as being insensitive, I apologise. Please note that I have been working with the spam problem for many years - and I consider the Blogger / Google anti-spam policies to be righteous. I'll respectfully request that you try to see the big picture, when commenting about spam policies.
With those guidelines in mind, I'll look forward to seeing your objective and polite comments. No spam will be accepted.

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Stats Components Are Significant, In Their Own Context

One popular Stats related accessory, which displays pageview information to the public, is the "Popular Posts" gadget.

Popular Posts identifies from 1 to 10 of the most popular posts in the blog, by comparing Stats pageview counts. Optional parts of the display of each post are a snippet of text, and an ever popular thumbnail photo.

Like many Stats features, blog owners have found imaginative uses for "Popular Posts" - and overlook the limitations of the gadget. Both the dynamic nature of Stats, and the timing of the various pageview count recalculations, create confusion, when Popular Posts is examined.

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I just posted to my blog, so I know that it's there. I can tell others are looking at it. But I can't see it.

Well, the good news is you don't have a blog hijack or other calamity. Your blog is not gone.

Apparently, some ISPs are blocking *, or maybe have network configuration or infrastructure problems. You can access or you can access, but you can't access, or

You can't access them directly, that is. If you can access any free, anonymous proxy servers, though, you may be able to access your blog.

Note: You can use PKBlogs with the URL pre packaged. Here is the address of this post (with gratuitous line breaks to prevent the old post sidebar alignment problem):

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