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Diagnosing Blogs Not In Dashboard "My blogs"

Blog owners periodically report seeing "their" blog online - but not being able to access Blogger, to control it.
It's my blog - but when I login, I'm forced to an older blog, that I don't care about!
The person reporting this discrepancy may or may not own the blog in question - and we need to diagnose the reason for the discrepancy.

Similar to spam review, we employ a diagnostic technique known as triage. Triage starts with standard diagnoses.

There are several diagnoses, for a discrepancy between "My blogs" and "reality" (The latter being relative to the person reporting the problem).
  1. The blog is owned under the account being used - but can't be seen.
  2. The blog is owned under another account, which the person reporting does own.
  3. The blog is owned under another account, which the person reporting does not own.

We need to start, by determining which case is affecting the current, would be owner. And, if at all possible, verify the URL with a screen print, and a text copy, of the Blogger dashboard Publishing wizard, at Settings - Basic - or at least, the browser address window.

The blog is owned under the account being used - but can't be accessed.

Similar to the peccadillo shown by the dashboard Reading List, the dashboard "My blogs" display is most effective when the blog "owner" can be identified. Errant cookie filters are a problem, in so many Blogger features - including "My blogs".

Recently, Blogger eliminated the "My blogs" blog list / menu on the Blogger dashboard home page - and created a second, drop down "My blogs" menu, overlaying the main dashboard menu. To people not used to this new feature, only the blog most recently updated can now be accessed - and knowing the existence of the new drop down "My blogs" menu will be enlightening.

From any dashboard page, click on the blog title or down arrow - and there is the "My blogs" menu. Then select any blog title, in the list.

The blog is owned under another account, which the person reporting does own.

Blog owners have been creating additional / duplicate accounts for years - both accidentally and intentionally.

The example, cited far above, may refer to a problem with logging in to Blogger, compounded by a duplicate account.

The blog is owned under another account, which the person reporting does not own.

Both blatant blog theft - and naive blog giveaway - are well known issues. Neither, unfortunately, can be resolved by Blogger Support.

The blog "owner" has to take the lead here. Given the right details, we can generally provide guidance - but that is the limit.

The bottom line.

We will help, as best possible - but please, don't demand miracles. Blog ownership is an issue which can only be guaranteed by the owner.

And if the blog is not online, there will be other issues to consider.


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