Monday, May 21, 2012

Follow Blogs, Without A Followers Gadget

Recently, Blogger cleaned up the Navbar somewhat - and removed the "Follow" link.

This change left some would be blog Followers inconvenienced.
How do I Follow blogs, that don't have a Followers gadget?
There has always been a third way to Follow a blog, provided by Blogger - though not everybody may be aware of it.

Blogger has earlier provided three ways for us to Follow any given blog.
  1. The Followers / Google Friend Connect gadget, in the blog body.
  2. The "Follow" link in the Navbar.
  3. The "Manage" wizard, in the Reading List.
Not every option is available on every blog, or to every blog owner / viewer - but given access to a working Blogger account, you can at least give yourself a third option.

If you're looking at a blog that lacks a Followers gadget, and now with no "Follow" navbar link, just login to Blogger and go to your dashboard, and to the Reading List display at the bottom of the Blog List. Find the Gear icon to the far right of "Reading List" (not the one at the very top). Click on the Gear icon, then on "Add", and enter the URL of the blog.

When you Add a blog, you'll have two options to Follow - Publicly and Anonymously. In either case, this only works for Public blogs - Private blogs don't publish a feed, and can't be Followed.

If you ever need to discontinue Following / remove the Reading List subscription - and the "gear" / "Manage" wizard is not operational, use Friend Connect: Sites I've joined.

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Ms. A said...

It would be nice to know how to stop following these blogs, too, since the manage button hasn't worked in forever.

Chuck Croll said...


The Manage button works for me - though there are specific cases where it may not work. The Following authentication and profile menu choices are dazzlingly complex - and affect ability to use the "Manage" button and menu, for any given blog.

Ms. A said...

I stay logged in. I follow using the "Add" button. I can stop following by logging in a second time, to the Followers widget and stop following that way. However, blogs without a followers widget are the ones I can't stop following. This wasn't a problem when the "Manage" button worked, but it hasn't worked for me, since some time last year. It didn't work on the new GUI, either. (I submitted a report and got confirmation, but nothing else)

Thanks for acknowledging!

Dezs┼Ĺ Finda said...

Just what I was looking for, thanks!