bX-gc7ujn or bX-crozx2 When Trying To Delete A Comment

Recently, bloggers trying to moderate comments report problems when deleting comments.
After verifying that the comment should be deleted, I click the button "Delete Comment", then I get the error message.
Additional information
blogID: 5680604485477472083
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 4898049469364933536
uri: /delete-comment.do

This problem appears to have started late afternoon 5/19 PST. Details are needed, so please provide what you can.
  • Which error are you seeing?
  • When did you first observe this error?
  • What is the time stamp on the comment?
  • Are you moderating from email, and if so, what's the time stamp in the email?
  • Where are you located (city and country please), and what time zone are you in?

(Update 5/20 17:30): Blogger has acknowledged the problem.
Some users are having trouble deleting comments which contain certain special characters and/or certain HTML tags. We're looking into this issue and will update this post once we have a fix.

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Sarah Simmons said…
I am seeing the error you listed. I first had this problem today and the time stamp is 12:51pm. I am not moderating from email, I'm located in Lubbock, TX, USA, Central Standard Time. Thanks.
Gypsy aka Tam said…
I first noticed the comment yesterday on a blog post from March 10th and I tried to delete it. I received error 'bX-gc7ujn' today at 6:00 EST.
The time stamp on the comment is May 19th, 3:20 PM. I am not moderating from email. I'm located in Buffalo, NY - Eastern Standard Time.
Min said…
I am also seeing the error you listed. My blog post is old, http://bad-girls-kitchen.blogspot.com/2008/01/so-you-think-you-want-to-be-bad-girl.html, but the spam comments are new and all from the same "person": 2 comments at May 20, 2009 1:21:00 PM MDT and 1 comment at May 20, 2009 1:22:00 PM MDT. I am not moderating from email, I am attempting to moderate directly from my blog and I am in Utah, Mountain Standard Time.

> And here is all my error info:

> bX-gc7ujn
> Additional information
> blogID: 1978443757016687648
> host:www.blogger.com
> postID: 5901270170620975023
> uri: /delete-comment.do
scarfman said…
I got this error too yestoday. When I got a new comment notification from blogger in my gmail box, I log in my Blogger account and want to delete this spam comment. Then I got an error information as following:

- error code: bX-gc7ujn
- blogID: 4589542111739580630
- host: www.blogger.com
- postID: 3830653910478039269
- uri: /delete-comment.do

The comment timestamp is 2009/05/20 10:33 AM UTC+08:00.
I am not moderating from e-mail.
I am located in Taipei, Taiwan. UTC+08:00.
driftbird said…
blogID: 24345012
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 2760526048021940987
uri: /delete-comment.do

Is anyone can help me to delete the comment?
Jacob Taylor said…
3 out of 4 spam comments from today cannot be deleted.

blogID: 8754357318798159800
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 6232954652587182010
uri: /delete-comment.do

Is there a way to report a user? They are all from one user.

Sue Osborne said…
I got this error on a comment today. The characters are Japanese and lead back to a semi-pornographic site. I got the message at 7:09 today. Here is the other info.
blogID: 151235641702592022
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 3839741557468169208
uri: /delete-comment.do
Also, I have removed myself from the Next Blog, but I still get put on it apparently, which is how this one happened.
Additional information
blogID: 17856315
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 4699221252033705643
uri: /delete-comment.do

Ι tried to delete a chinese indelicate advertising comment, that came today, but I cannot. It is different from some others chinese commercials about drugs and sex..
It is bolder and persistand..alway causing that error.
The whole message is like that:

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irene said…
can't delete spam comment since 5/20

blogID: 7257138833488418580
host: www.blogger.com
postID: 687420463634848999
uri: /delete-comment.do
Karin Jurick said…
Still NOT FIXED as of May 30th. Still can't delete spam comments. Horrible to have that crap on my blog.