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A Blog Team Administrator, On Vacation, Is Trouble

We see questions of naivete, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, about blog ownership recovery.
I accidentally deleted my administrative access. How do I get my access back?
There is only one legal answer.
Have another administrator restore your access.
But this story does not end well.
The other administrator is on long term vacation! I really need to have my access back!!
There is no easy answer here.

Blogs with multiple administrators allow any administrator to remove himself - if necessary - and if another administrator exists.

"Blog Authors" is only sensitive to existence of another administrator.
The "Blog Authors" wizard has no way of temporarily disabling the ability to have somebody remove themselves, simply because an alternate administrator is not currently available. If another administrator exists, one administrator can remove himself.

If your blog has multiple administrators, all administrators are jointly blog owners.

If your blog has an second administrator, the active and current administrator has the option to remove her / himself, any time convenient. If you, the current administrator, click on the "X", or change "Admin" to "Author" - you're history.

This blog has three administrators. Any two of the administrators can delete (click on the "X"), or demote (change "Admin" to "Author"), when convenient.

If you remove yourself as an administrator, you must contact another administrator.
If you accidentally delete or demote yourself, you have to have a second (or the only) administrator restore your status. Blogger does not provide this service - nor should they do so.

If the blog has another administrator, even "Forgot?" can't restore your status. Blog authors, when there is an administrator, cannot be allowed to promote themselves, by using "Forgot?". The only remedy is to contact the current administrator.

One administrator, becoming the only administrator, is now the blog owner.
If an administrator, in a team of two, deletes or demotes himself, the remaining administrator becomes the blog owner. If the owner is on vacation, you have a blog with an owner on vacation. No more, no less.


Anonymous said…
Which is exactly why I will never share a blog, though I have been a co-admin on a blog that wasn't mine for a season, and I was very happy when that season ended. It's much easier having a blog all to yourself and doing with it what you please, plus keeping track of everything and knowing you have only yourself to praise or blame. Another informative post! Thanks :)

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