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GPT / PTC / PTS Content Is Not Welcome, In Blogger

One of the most easily overlooked details, about Blogger blog content, is that GPT / PTC / PTS Content is not suitable, for Blogger blogs.

Blogger Content Policy has a section which describes GPT / PTC / PTS Content, in passing.
Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings, posting comments on other people's blogs just to promote your site or product, and scraping existing content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains.
Unfortunately, spammers have been imaginatively subtle, in their description of various make money fast programmes - and not so many blog owners think it necessary to contact a lawyer, to interpret the Content Policy document, when planning their new blog.

Too many blog owners, asking the frequently seen question in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, get answers they are not prepared to see.

Why was my blog deleted? I need the money from the blog, to feed my family!
And they are told, simply

GPT / PTC / PTS / PTV content is not welcome, in Blogger.

This response generally does not please them.

Maybe, education can reduce the popularity of GPT activity, in Blogger.

"GPT" is a collection of fraudulent and illegal activities.

"GPT" (aka "Get Paid To") is a collection of various activities.

  • PTC, aka "Pay To Click" involves people clicking on ads, to earn the blog / website owner money.
  • PTS, aka "Pay To Surf" involves people clicking on links, to access the blog, and to earn the blog / website owner money.
  • PTV, aka "Pay To Verify" involves people solving CAPTCHAS, so spammers can publish spam, as Blogger blogs and comments, and in our email, using high volume publishing scripts.

These various activities have been carefully packaged, as useful "make money fast" techniques, by the more successful spammers, who called themselves "marketing consultants".

Ads are placed on peoples blogs, so the readers of the blogs will view the ads and buy the merchandise. People who sit in front of their computers, clicking away, are not looking at the ads, or planning to buy the merchandise.

GPT (PTC / PTS / PTV) is a type of fraud. Any blog which provides advice on using GPT - or uses GPT techniques to increase blog activity - encourages the fraud, with clever ads, and shiny payment programmes. Ask yourself how the various GPT "Services" make the money, that they pay to the blog owners, for hosting their ads.

If "GPT" was really lucrative, would the expert waste time selling it?

If the blog owner, who shows you the GPT programme, really had a way to get rich, would he waste effort, telling you how to get rich? No, he would be busy getting rich, without you. Blogs, with ads telling you how to get rich, are not showing you how to get rich - they are helping the blog owner to get rich - and you are paying for his success.

Who pays you to sit at your computer, and solve CAPTCHAs, all day? The people who sell the commercial scripts, that enable spammers to setup accounts and publish spam - like spam Blogger accounts, spam Blogger blogs, and spam Blogger comments. You are just a minimum wage employee, who makes the CAPTCHA solution section of the script run, and produce the spam accounts, blogs, and comments.

Abuse detection, like highway traffic enforcement, doesn't take place in every spot on the globe, on a 7 x 24 x 3600 basis. Some people get caught (blogs get detected), other people (blogs) go un detected - from day to day.

To put and end to "GPT" and other fraud, we go one blog, at a time.

For abuse classification to produce results, each blog must be classified, on its own, as detected. Other illegal blogs will be classified, later.

If you start a blog, fill it with GPT content, and publicise it using GPT technique, you'll be one more blog owner lamenting, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.

Why was my blog deleted? I worked hard for 1 year, spent much money advertising!

Start a new blog, with legitimate, interesting, unique, and useful content, based on a subject that interests you. Don't become one more victim, of advice from the older spammers.


Aaron Johnson said…
Curious question:
How you can tell if some blogs have GPT, and other schemes? Please tell me more about these blogs. I write organic content, but I don't spam the search engines.
Aaron Johnson said…
Speaking about that; GPT, PTC, PTV, and PTS content has been linked to pyramid schemes.
In my opinion; paid links on Blogger is bad reputation, and Google takes action against paid links, or any other link schemes seriously. Such as a Search Engine Penalty,--such as being lowered from the top pages of the Search Engine Results Page. It's always a good idea to check Webmaster guidelines, and follow them. That's what some people didn't even understand.
Not sure if Blogger and Google will take action against pyramid schemes published on Blogger blogs.
Nitecruzr said…

Blogger has to walk some verrry thin lines - between punishing the guilty and not punishing the innocent - between protecting the victims and persecuting the abusers - and between righteously silencing the noise yet allowing freedom of speech for everybody.

In case you have not guessed, the 6 issues described above do not overlap, or underlap, nor are any mutually exclusive of another.

Imagine a courtroom where the judge is blindfolded, the witnesses are allowed to lie to retain anonymity, and the accused may attend only if they wish.

The problem with identifying GPT is that it can be observed only in context. It's possible to identify content which recommends PTC activity - but identifying a blog which uses PTC for ad activity requires analysis of the ads, and IP addresses of the clients.

Imagine a botnet, doing nothing but "clicking" on ads. IP address analysis would be useless - and you can't penalise the clickers because they are bots, running on computers that have been hacked - and owned by idiots who did not protect their computers, or who innocently just surfed a blog owned by an idiot who wanted lotz of trafic so he added a shiny gadget to the blog, and said shiny gadget was provided by another hacker.

Pyramid schemes cannot be detected from the outside. Do you know anybody who sells Amway?

Paid links anywhere are bad business - but people want to make money. The world learned the hard way that only Capitalism works, as an economic system. Neither Communism, or Socialism, can produce Internet content.

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