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Don't Write About What Makes Money - Write What You Know

Too many blog owners start their first blog - and the first step is to drop into the nearest online publishing forum - such as Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, and ask the question of the typical marketing expert.
I want to start a blog. What should I write about, to make the most money?
And there is where many spam blogs start.

People who are making money, are busy making money. They do not hang out in forums, waiting for you to ask how to make money, so they can tell you how to make money - probably, some of the money that they want to be making.

Too many people who start out their blog, and base the subject of the blog upon advice from other people, will have nothing to say.

Writing, when you have nothing to say, gives your readers nothing to read.

  • The blog will become dormant, and stale - and nobody will read it. And they will make no money.
  • They will end up having to copy content from other blogs - most of which are about the same subject, and are written by other people who have nothing to say. They will have readers who are not interested in learning anything - and who will subscribe to hundreds of blogs, just looking for something interesting and useful.

This is similar to choosing a blog hosting service, according to what SEO friendly accessories and templates are available - or to publishing an AdSense ready blog, based on the minimum standards.

If you have nothing to say, you may try to get traffic, with clever, empty features.

In an effort to get more readers, and make more money, the unhappy blog owner will try other, imaginative techniques to increase traffic - in a subject that other blog owners are doing the same. Eventually, the blog will be deleted by Blogger - and the owner will be clueless.
My blog was just deleted, as a spam host! I need the money, to feed my family!! Please, Mr Blogger Helper, restore my blog!
And the former blog owner will not appreciate the advice, that will surely follow.

Blogger "One button" publishing is a personal website publishing service. Very few people are completely unique. Many people share interests with other people - and very few people know everything, about any given subject. Write about what you know, and share what you know.

No matter what you choose to write about, you will get various responses.

  • Nobody is interested in that!
  • Everybody already knows that!
  • I never knew that! Thank you for telling me!
  • I already knew that - but your posts helped me understand it better! Thank you for explaining it to me!

The trick is to write about what gives you more of the latter two responses - and write in a way to give you less of the first two responses.

Write about what you know - and people who need your expertise will benefit.

Write about what you know - and focus your efforts on the people who are interested in what you know - and write more about what you know.

There you have better chances of reaching people, who want to read what you know - and who learn from what you write, and who tell other people about someone who writes what interests them. And there is your reader audience.


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