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Don't Publish To A Custom Domain, Purely Because Of Unavailability Of The Perfect BlogSpot Name

Setting up a new blog can be frustrating - for those who have planned the subject of the blog so carefully, that only one blog name will satisfy.

We see the frustration, almost daily, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger.
How do I contact the owner of ""?
The blog at "" isn't in use. Can Blogger issue it to me?
Neither of those questions will end well, for the would be owner who can think only of publishing to "".

When you prepare to publish a new Blogger blog, you have to be flexible, when choosing the name.

When we reply, in the forum, we typically advise the would be owner that we are permitted to publish our blog anonymously (so no, Blogger won't contact the current owner), that there is no minimum posting activity required (so a blog long dormant, is still valid), and that even deleted blogs are not available for re issue (because the blog owner owns the URL, for eternity).

Some helpers like to sweeten the rejection, by suggesting to the bereaved would be owner that, if "" is not available, "" could be purchased from a registrar, as an alternative.

I've been advising people on custom domain publishing, for years. Custom domains are great features, for blogs. However, I do not believe that they should be used purely for getting the URL of one's dreams, when the dream BlogSpot URL is not available.

Custom domain publishing is an exciting way to integrate a Blogger blog with the non Blogger world.

However, I don't see custom domain publishing as a universal second choice, when the DreamBlogSpotName is not available - for several reasons (and I have advised on all of these).
  • Custom Domain Publishing is not for the weak at heart. Creating a Blogger blog is substantially easier than setting up a domain.
  • Custom Domains are not free, as Blogger blogs are. In some cases, substantial amounts of funds are required - particularly to blog owners in third world economies.
  • Using a custom domain won't always get you the "name" of your dreams. "MyDreamName.Com" is no more likely to be available, than "MyDreamName.BlogSpot.Com". Indeed, more people buy domains outside Blogger, than publish to "BlogSpot.Com".
  • You still have to have a BlogSpot name, and a Blogger blog, to publish to a "custom domain". Some people require the BlogSpot name to match the Domain name.
My advice, to the bereaved, is that a compromise may be necessary - and that they should act promptly, and pick a name that is currently available.

Get started on your new blog, today - using a URL that is available, today. Good content, published today, is better than the same content, published tomorrow.

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it's a great suggestion. rather than trying to look for "dreamblogspotname", I usually prefer other, more unique names

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