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Deleted Blog Cases Can Involve Multiple Causes

Sometimes, blogs which are under legal action by Blogger / Google can be under action, simultaneously, for multiple, valid reasons.

Occasionally, we get angry complaints, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
I got a DMCA Complaint email from Google. My blog was deleted, my dashboard is empty, I got no email from Blogger - and ChillingEffects has no complaint detail. How do I get my blog restored?
Since we don't review DMCA cases in Blogger Help - and with no dashboard or email records of a non DMCA deletion, the blog owner is left with no options.

It's not impossible that some blogs can be classified (righteously or spuriously) for dual offenses.

Some blog owners are guilty of multiple offenses, with multiple penalty.

A person who illegally copies content into his blog may also employ spammy practices. And citation for one TOS offense (DMCA) will not, necessarily, make a blog invulnerable from citation for other TOS offenses (hacking, porn, and / or spam hosting) - or even other possible problems.

The blog owner has 2 possible actions here.
  • Continue researching the offense, with ChillingEffects. Appeal the lack of offense detail, with ChillingEffects Support.
  • Investigate a separate offense with Blogger / Google. Diagnose a non DMCA abuse issue (hacking, porn, and / or spam hosting).

If investigating one offense is ambiguous, investigate another.

Employing the lessons of Occam's Razor, we conclude that, if ChillingEffects cannot provide details about offenses of a given blog, maybe the blog was deleted for a non DMCA abuse.

The next task is to diagnose a possible abuse related, non DMCA related, deletion. Lack of dashboard and email offense alerts generally cause some owners to return to the DMCA complaint.

If the monolithic lack of help by ChillingEffects is to not stall the investigation, we must continue with the non DMCA related possibilities.

Multiple accounts being involved can complicate research.

Many blog owners create multiple Blogger and / or email accounts accidentally (and never realise), or intentionally (then later forget). These odd, forgotten accounts are never of any importance, until the owner graduates from college, gets a new job, changes ISP - and forgets the account name / password. Or, has the blog deleted (for any of several different reasons) - with no trace of any warning, because the owner is using the wrong Blogger or email account.

So now, the blog owner is faced with researching a duplicate accounts issue. This is one more reason why every Blogger blog owner must, religiously, keep track of every Blogger and email account.


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