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"" / MMS / SMS Blogging Is Deprecated

We're seeing a few queries recently, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, about a little used option in mobile blog publishing.
Is "" down? I'm trying to claim a mobile token, but having no success.
This blog owner, like a few others, is trying to use a dying Blogger feature.

"", and MMS / SMS, was the Blogger solution for blog publishing using "mobile" phones, provided several years ago.

SMS is a protocol used for sending text messages between computers, that was used on "mobile" phones, before most "mobile phones" became just pocket sized computers using "cellular" (3g, 4g, etc) networking.

You can think of SMS as the original "Chat" protocol, used before cellular Internet service became the normal communications service.

With smart phones and cellular Internet, we use apps, browsers, or email.
With the gaining popularity of using "smart" phones with cellular service, most people will publish blogs using either a browser on the phone, email (and "Mail-To-Blogger") on the phone, or (for supported phones) the "Blogger" app.

Blogger Support told us that MMS / SMS was deprecated.
Recently, I asked Blogger Support if "" and SMS based blogging had any future. The reply was bleak.
So that feature has been deprecated.
Basically, Blogger has moved onwards - and is trying to support mobile blogging using modern equipment and services.

SMS was never 100% available and reliable - even in USA infrastructure.
Even when people in the USA were using "" and SMS for blog publishing, SMS was a constant problem. SMS is a proprietary protocol, provided by various phone carriers, over the individual cellular networks.

Even with SMS in the USA, years ago, there were some cellular services providing SMS, that did not work with Blogger. SMS outside the USA is worse - and globalisation of Blogger made this a problem.

Nowadays, not every cellular service provides SMS. Most cellular Internet providers focus on regular Internet service. If you want to "chat" with somebody, you use a normal "chat" client like GTalk - or now, Google Hangout.

Use Mail-to-Blogger or browser for best results.
If your "smart phone" (or mobile computer) supports email over voice, you can use Mail-To-Blogger. If not, you'll need a modern and supported phone, with cellular Internet service - if you want to publish your blog using your phone.


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