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Bloggers Trying To Login, Seeing "The page isn't redirecting properly", Revisited

For some time recently, we've been seeing numerous reports from people in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, unable to successfully login to Blogger.
I cannot log into Blogger - I keep getting this error
The page isn't redirecting properly.

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
In a few cases, we identified the underlying cause of the problem as disabling or refusing to accept cookies, or similar overly aggressive layered security procedures and settings. Feedback from some forum members, who were able to provide details, suggests another cause. The problem may be simpler - or more complex - to resolve.

Some of the forum members, who reported this problem, also reported a problem with their Google+ accounts. Blogger blog owners, attempting to login to a Blogger account which uses a Google+ profile, generate a redirect to the Google+ servers. If the associated Google+ account has a problem, you have another cause of the redirection problem.

The solution here is simple - remove the Google+ association. Unfortunately, this can be done only when logged in to the Blogger / Google account.
  1. Fix the problem with the Google+ account. It may be possible, alternately, to revert from a Google+ profile, to a Google profile.
  2. Login to Blogger, and to Google.
  3. Transfer ownership of the blog(s), using the Permissions wizard and using two separate browsers or computers.
  4. Remember that you are now responsible for maintaining two Google accounts.
  5. Done.
But wait - why not simplify - just a bit?
  1. Fix the problem with the Google+ account.
  2. Change your Blogger account back to using a Classic Blogger profile.
Or, even simpler.
  1. Fix the problem with the Google+ account.

If you can fix the Google+ account problem, don't worry about the Blogger problem. Get back to work, on your blog. And don't do anything to break your Google+ account.

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