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How To Not Get Content For Your Blog

One of the oddest displays of naivete we see, from some blog owners, asking in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, would be
How do I let anybody post to my blog?
These owners have no idea how popular they would be, with spammers, were this to happen.

If you have a blog, and you want to let up to 99 of your closest friends publish their thoughts to your blog, you can setup a team blog, and have fun. Beyond that limit, you cannot - nor should you - go.

Occasionally, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? we see the anguish
Where did the spam, on my blog, come from?
These queries come from people whose blogs have been successfully attacked, by hackers or spammers, and who now see content which they do not appreciate, being posted in their blog.

Leaving blog open to public authorship will make your blog spammer friendly.

If you were to voluntarily let anybody post in your blog, without requiring that anybody hack to gain control surreptitiously, your blog will become very popular with spammers.

After spammers saturate your blog content, your genuine friends will find elsewhere to post - and your remaining friends will be spammers. And your new friends (spammers) will tell their friends (more spammers), about a blog which accepts ads (posts) from everybody.

Your blog will be late classified as a spam host.

Shortly after this happens, your blog will be - righteously - classified as a spam host, and taken offline. And if you cannot show any non spam content, it will likely stay offline.
We're sorry, but your blog cannot be restored. It was recently confirmed as spam. Blogger suggests that you read the TOS.

You are responsible for content distributed by your "guest authors".

Another thing to consider, as the owner of a "host" blog, where "guests" post contributed material, is that you will be responsible for the content posted by your guests - whether you let the world post - or designated members.
  • If you allow guest posts in your blog, you, as the blog owner, are responsible for the content of those posts.
  • If your "guest" posts the same material elsewhere (as in his own blog, or a third person's blog), and search engines index both blogs, both blogs may receive "duplicated content" penalties.
  • Nobody benefits, from duplicated content.

Unfortunately, you have to develop your blog content, yourself. Don't expect the public to provide your content for you - and plan to keep your blog online for long.


Chris said…
The links to your blog are broken...
Chuck Croll said…
Thanks, Chris. Copying content is always risky - and not testing the links is the same.

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