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Blogger Sucks - I'm Moving My Blog To A Different Platform - The Story Continues

Some people have decided that Blogger One Button Publishing, though a somewhat free service, is simply not to their liking. Some such opinions are possibly tragic, or misguided. Other similar cases, however, may be quite reasonable.
I want a URL that's not available. It's inactive, but nobody will help me claim it, so I'm moving my blog to WordPress!

When you pick a URL to publish your Blogger blog, you cannot pick one that's already in use. Blogger lets us publish our blogs to our own standards, as long as we publish within Terms Of Service. Blogger lets us keep our blogs, for eternity, if we so desire - and will not interfere with our plans for eternity.

If you are so determined that your blog have a certain URL - and are so certain that only that URL will do for your blog - you probably belong with a WordPress blog. If that Blogger URL is unavailable, because it's in use by a previously published Blogger blog, then a Google custom domain - or a WordPress URL - is probably your next best bet. Note that both custom domain URLs, and WordPress URLs, are also subject to availability.

Blogger is what it is. If you're not able to wait for Blogger to improve, and your personal needs are satisfied better by WordPress, you'll probably be better off there. Please feel free to go, with our blessings.

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I am very grateful for all the hard work that blogger does for us behind the scenes. Well said blogger, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.
Even though I am having a couple of problems (mostly with commenting on my own blog and some of the blogs I follow- I love publishing on Blogger. It is comfortable and has allowed me to be birthed as a BLOGGER! Thanks, Blogger. No one is perfect but I sure am happy for all you DO allow me to do!
Mike Golch said…
Blogger gets my goat at times but it is way more flexible that wordpress is.I can add any widget that I want to with word press some widgets are a NO-NO suck as the widget for entrecard. wordpress will not allow that one,I know I tried. so I guess I will stick with blogger.I sometimes post on my wordpress blogs.Most of the time I am here on blogger and Intend to stay put.
Admin said…
I am really grateful to blogger. I prefer it widget feature, allows it give upper hand over wordpress.

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