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Browser Support, For Virginia USA

Even as they develop and support the New Blogger GUI (2011), Blogger is making changes in the background.

With new versions of the many browsers, used by everybody, being made available - and support issues such as those common with the newly released Firefox V16, and with Internet Explorer V9, Blogger Support is redefining their browser support policy.

Starting next month will only support modern browsers. Beginning August 1st, we’ll support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, we’ll begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version.

Of immediate concern are Firefox V14, Internet Explorer V7, and Safari V3, which will no longer be supported as part of Blogger or BlogSpot.

Older versions of each browser won't be supported.

Besides being security risks (Internet Explorer V7 is known as a hackers dream, compared to V8 and V9), these older versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari will be unsupported by Blogger, and with the various problems which are reported, constantly.

Every application which uses a browser (which is all of Blogger and Google) has to allow for the various peccadilloes exhibited by the different browser versions. Each supported browser version requires more code, in every Blogger feature.

Less browser versions supported == simpler code.

More complex code leads to more breakdowns - which we, and our readers, have to deal with. Simplified code gives a more stable product - and a better experience for us, and for our readers.

Simplified code is better for us, for our readers, and for Blogger Support. It's a Win-Win all the way around.

Any time you have a problem publishing or viewing, know the browser version!

Always know how to identify browser name and version.

If you have a problem with Blogger or BlogSpot (or your custom, non BlogSpot URL), maybe involving
  • The New Blogger GUI (2011).
  • Publishing or reading comments.
  • Seeing or Blocking your Followers.
If you're using an old version of one of these browsers, and you disclose your browser version in your problem report, expect to see as the first advice
Upgrade your browser.
The advice given won't be ceremonial, or pedantic, it will be quite practical - and it will benefit everybody.

And if you report a problem, and you do not state the browser version, expect to see the question
Browser name and version, please!
as an initial reply. Again, a practical answer.

Move ahead. For a canonical list of browser versions supported by Blogger, click here.


JD said…
I would love to move ahead. Unfortuntely at this time I am not able to upgrade my IE (version 6). And, sadly, that evidently means I will be losing all of my seven (7) or so published blogspot blogs. All my work will be lost effective 8-1-2011!

I understand the need for upgrades. But I cannot afford the upgrade right now and I don't think my (old) computer has the memory required for an upgrade either. And being on a fixed income, I cannot afford to buy another computer right now.

Since does not offer any option for us old computer owners/users who cannot upgrade, we are left out. That I really resent. But I do realize that the upgrading is needed. So, I have mixed emotions about and the blogging community as far as excluding those of us who cannot afford the "free" blog service. Seems a bit elitist too.

Anyway, as a newbie blogger I have enjoyed blogging (for a little over a year) and may try to start over one day when I can afford to keep up blogs with upgrades.

BTW this upgrading action has just made blogging available only for "those who can afford it." And that looks biased. But realistic? Now if we could just get FREE upgrades, that would certainly help.
storm said…
browser upgrades are usually free. google chrome for instance, and internet explorer upgrades should be free.

I worry as well if my old hand me down computer can handle the upgrade though
Tina said…
Does this mean that readers using older browsers will not be able to see the blogs, or just the blog owners/authors will need to be on most up-to-date versions?
PussDaddy said…
We are going to be forced to accept IE9 one way or the other evidently.

Kay Dennison said…
The newest Firefox doesn't work on my computer and I think IE9 is a virus.
While I understand the need for upgrades, the newest version of Firefox (Firefox 6) is not compatible with AVG anti-virus or Java6, so I have gone back to Firefox 5.0.1.

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