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Ignore The Reference To "uGotCrossedSon", It Is A Bogus Example

In the late 1900's, people would find promises from Publishers Clearinghouse
You may have won A Million Dollars!
in their mailboxes. Some recipients of the mail would rush down to their neighbourhood car dealership, and buy the car of their dreams - so they could drive to the post office, to receive their first payment of the award, in style. This kept many repo businesses quite busy.

Every month, someone posts a new example of paranoia, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Who is this ominous Follower, "uGotCrossedSon"? Am I being hacked?
This is another example of needless worrying - and it's equal in reality to the PCH fraud.

Too many blog owners look at their dashboard Followers display - which may or may not be blank, click on the link "Learn more", and there see a Help article mentioning a mysterious Follower named "uGotCrossedSon".

If they don't realise that "Learn more" links to a Help article, which shows only examples of reality, they think that they, personally, are being persecuted by somebody Following the blog, and using the name "uGotCrossedSon". The paranoia really sets in, when they (try to) click on the link
Block this user
The link, of course, does not work.

Folks, it's a Help article, and it's an example of a Follower. It doesn't apply to your blog, any more than it does to my blog.

Get back to work. You're not getting a million dollars, either.

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Susie Swanson said…
just trying out your advice with the logging in..
A Dancing Mango said…
testing to see if I am able to post per your suggestions.
thank you.

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