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Clearing Cache, Cookies, And Active Login Sessions, Combined With Deleted / Locked Blogs

Many blog owners are familiar with the confusion or despair felt when logging in to Blogger, and not seeing a dashboard with the expected owned or Followed blogs.
Help! I can't manage my blog!
Why can't I see my Reading List?
These are problems that we deal with, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, daily.

Frequently, diagnosing the problem involves looking at the owner of the blog in question, and comparing the Profile ID of the owner with what the blog owner is seeing, right now. Seeing a discrepancy, we can tell that the blog owner has (at least) two different Blogger accounts. The immediate solution, as suggested, is
Clear cache, cookies, and sessions, restart the browser, and login again.
The hope here is that, with the current Blogger / Google login cookie cleared, the blog owner can login properly, and access the right Blogger account, with the right profile.

Another problem, that we've been seeing for a while, involves deleted or locked blogs. Step #2 of the well known (and somewhat unpopular) Blogger Four Step spam review request process requires the blog owner to authenticate her / himself as the blog owner. This involves a separate login process - which, as above, is subject to interference by the Blogger / Google login cookie currently in effect.

When the angry or frustrated blog owner logs in, and the login is complicated by the Blogger / Google login cookie, he / she may see either
  • An empty dashboard, with the advice
    You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting!
    or, more confusing
  • A partially populated dashboard, but missing the blog in question.
In the latter case, it's sometimes possible to find the missing blog behind the semi visible link to "Show All" or "View All Blogs".

Without using (if at all possible) "Show All" or "View All Blogs", the deleted or locked blog can never be selected for review - and the slightly unhappy blog owner (who has a deleted or locked blog) becomes a very angry blog owner (who has a deleted or locked blog, and who can't submit the Step #2 review request).

The bottom line here is that, like the need to manage or view blogs, the ability to recover a deleted or locked blog can be subject to confusion, resulting from how one logs in to Blogger. And the confusion leads to frustration, and to needless anger.

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