Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Is My Blogger ProfileID / ProfileURL?

When we read our blog, or somebody else's blog, we use a BlogSpot or domain URL, to identify the blog.

Anytime we report a problem with our blogs, the most important question to answer, when we ask for help in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, is
What's the BlogSpot and / or domain URL?
When we login to Blogger, and look at our dashboard, there's an equally essential detail involved here. That unique detail is called the "ProfileID" / "ProfileURL".

If you are logged in to Blogger, go to your dashboard, and look at your profile.

Find your account name / picture, at the top of the screen. Click on the picture, and you'll get a popup window, containing a button or link "Blogger profile" (or possibly, "View profile"). Click on the button / link, as appropriate.

That will give you a display, with a mysterious URL. Here's the URL which used to apply to most of my blogs. If you click there, you will probably see the URL which I have now.
There's my Blogger ProfileID, that I used to have.
Here's the URL which now applies to most of my blogs, and which now replaces my Blogger Profile.
This is my Google+ ProfileID, which I now have.

What's your Blogger / Google / Google+ ProfileID / ProfileURL? If you have a problem accessing your dashboard, or finding a blog that you know is yours, the ProfileID - and possibly the ProfileURL - will be an essential clue.

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Debra~ said...

this is new 2 me. trying to set up a blogg.its asking for http? what the heck is that?lol thanks for any imput here.debra~

Rodrigo Burgos Z. said...

Is it possible to filter posts by profileID in a multi-author blog?.
Should be a way. thanks
keep the good work!

Gainor said...

Thanks for answering. In the meantime I figured it out. I had two email addresses for one google account. It has caused all kinds of problems over the years! I can't seem to consolidate everything into one account email. I finally went back to the old email and a newly changed password and got my blog back. Thanks so much for your help, anyway. I see my profile needs some work too. Thanks!

Deepak Tomar said...

My blog is stolen by a hacker how can i get it back

Tommy Yarbrough said...

I tried following the directions to delete my blog, but the screen(s) that came up did not match up with those instructions.

They said that after clicking settings, to click "other" on the left side of the page. There was no other there.

Chuck Croll said...


I can think of several possible problems here. I think it would be best if you would simply post in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, so we can diagnose your problem.