Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Is My Blogger ProfileID / ProfileURL?

When we read our blog, or somebody else's blog, we use a BlogSpot or domain URL, to identify the blog.

Anytime we report a problem with our blogs, the most important question to answer, when we ask for help in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, is
What's the BlogSpot and / or domain URL?
When we login to Blogger, and look at our dashboard, there's an equally essential detail involved here. That unique detail is called the "ProfileID" / "ProfileURL".

If you are logged in to Blogger, go to your dashboard, and look at your profile.

Find your account name / picture, at the top of the screen. Click on the picture, and you'll get a popup window, containing a button or link "Blogger profile" (or possibly, "View profile"). Click on the button / link, as appropriate.

That will give you a display, with a mysterious URL. Here's the URL which used to apply to most of my blogs. If you click there, you will probably see the URL which I have now.
There's my Blogger ProfileID, that I used to have.
Here's the URL which now applies to most of my blogs, and which now replaces my Blogger Profile.
This is my Google+ ProfileID, which I now have.

What's your Blogger / Google / Google+ ProfileID / ProfileURL? If you have a problem accessing your dashboard, or finding a blog that you know is yours, the ProfileID - and possibly the ProfileURL - will be an essential clue.

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Debra~ said...

this is new 2 me. trying to set up a blogg.its asking for http? what the heck is that?lol thanks for any imput here.debra~

Rodrigo Burgos Z. said...

Is it possible to filter posts by profileID in a multi-author blog?.
Should be a way. thanks
keep the good work!

Gainor said...

Thanks for answering. In the meantime I figured it out. I had two email addresses for one google account. It has caused all kinds of problems over the years! I can't seem to consolidate everything into one account email. I finally went back to the old email and a newly changed password and got my blog back. Thanks so much for your help, anyway. I see my profile needs some work too. Thanks!

Deepak Tomar said...

My blog is stolen by a hacker how can i get it back