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When You Login To Blogger, Always Use The Right Blogger Account

Blog owners use the Blogger / Google login wizard in several different tasks - and sometimes cause problems, when they login using the wrong Blogger account. Besides intentionally logging in to Blogger to access the dashboard or publish a new post, the Blogger / Google login wizard is involved in several support tasks.
Depending upon whether you are currently logged in to Google, you will see a display with different options, and differently used links. How you use these options can affect how you can (if you can) access your blog, in the future. This is where you need to be careful.

  1. If you are currently logged in to Google, you are presented with the Google account name. You have two choices.
    1. Verify account ownership, by providing the valid account password for the displayed account name.
    2. Enter a different Blogger account, optionally creating a new account.
  2. If you are not currently logged in to Google, you again have two choices.
    1. Login to Blogger, using an existing Blogger account.
    2. Login to Blogger, creating a new Blogger account.

You have to remember that Blogger uses a blind login procedure, as part of protecting our blogs. You absolutely must enter / use the correct account, for your purposes, at any time you use the login wizard.

What the login wizard will do, when you are using an existing account.
  • Verify the existence of the account entered or selected.
  • Verify the password against the account.

What the login wizard will do, when you are creating a new Blogger account.
  • If you are creating a Blogger account based upon a GMail email address:
    • Verify the existence of the Google account.
    • Verify the password, against the account in question.
    • Create the Blogger account.
    If you are creating a Blogger account based upon a non GMail email address:
    • Verify that no Blogger account with that name exists.
    • Setup a new Blogger account, using the email address as Blogger account name, and setting the password to the entered password.

What the login wizard will not do, whether you are using an existing Blogger account, or creating a new Blogger account:
  • Verify that the account being created or used is the correct account for you to use, at this point in time.

The Blogger login wizard has no intuitive ability, to decide whether you are using the correct account name, at any given time and in any given context. When you make a mistake, and authenticate using the wrong Blogger account, you can create any of several known (or unknown) incongruent scenarios.Verifying that you are using the correct account name is entirely up to you - and this is not a trivial decision.

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Wesley Varela said…

do you have a post on how to set up masking?

IE shows up in the address bar rather than

thanks for pointing me in the right direction



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