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You Have To Swing The Bat, To Put The Ball Into Play

In the American game of baseball, some folks just see a bunch of guys (or maybe some gals) taking turns at hitting at a ball, and running from place to place.

But there is strategy in the game - watch it some day, with a good commentator. For the active team (the team batting), for instance,
  • You get more results from putting the ball into play.
  • You have to swing the bat, to put the ball into play.
  • It is therefore in your best interests to swing the bat, when you have a chance to connect with the ball, and put the ball into play.

As a blog owner, when your blog is (falsely) accused of hosting spam, it's also in your best interests to know how - and when - to swing the bat.

If your blog contains marginally spammy material (which is possible, since you are here), it's in your best interest to get the blog reviewed now (during the cursory, semi automated review), than to wait until later (during the detailed, manual review).

If the the cursory, semi automated review - also known as the "second strike" - is successful, you get your blog back. When this happens, the ball (your blog) is in play, and you can stop swinging (and start running). If the second strike review is successful, you never have to try for the third and final review. Better yet, you get your blog back sooner, without the uncertainty of waiting.

In order for you to request the "second strike" review, you have to properly complete the 4 step review request, which is described repeatedly in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

If you are truly a spammer, and you know it, you're better off just moving your blog to another blogging - or website hosting - service. If you're just an ordinary blog owner, falsely accused of hosting spam in your blog, the sooner your blog is restored to service, the better. That being the case, you want the blog reviewed now.
  1. Read the advice and instructions.
  2. Submit the review request, using the online review request form.
  3. Wait patiently, for the blog to be reviewed.

An experienced forum helper will know that it's in your best interest that you request review, properly. The helpers are human, though - so it's in your best interest that you treat them politely, and not harass or ignore them. It's in everybody's interests (excepting maybe the actual spammers) that we minimise the paradoxical frustration, that seems to be a normal part of the spam review process.

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