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Only The Blog Owner Can Request Spam Review

Occasionally, we see a well intentioned, yet anxious blog reader asking about spam review for his favourite blog
How do I help get my favourite blog Xxxxxx back online?
as if blog review requests can be submitted by the blog readers.

Unfortunately, this can't happen this way. Allowing blog readers to request spam review of their favourite blog would just encourage the owners of marginally spammy blogs to convince their readers to "vote", in hopes that lots of votes would influence the Blogger judges.

Since Blogger justice is applied equally, to large (more popular), as well as small (less popular), blogs, only the blog owner or administrator can request spam review. We need to keep Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken usable by everybody - and that means discouraging coyote attacks.

If Blogger reviews a blog, without involvement of the owner, and the blog is restored, you'll end up with a blog with no owners. The blog will be online - but nobody will be able to maintain or publish the blog.

Blog review has to start with the "Restore" button or link, in the dashboard "Deleted blogs" list. Only the owner (or one of the owners, if the blog is under team ownership) will have the "Deleted blogs" entry - and only an owner (administrator) will have control, if (when) the blog is restored. This is why typical forum advice includes
Please provide a screen print of the "My blogs" dashboard display, so we can properly report your problem. Read the FAQ, for instructions.
The screen print helps us ensure that deletion was caused by spam classification, and not various other possibilities.

Please, if you're not the blog owner, contact the owner and advise him (her) to request review in a new forum discussion - and to request review politely.

If the blog is not in the "Deleted blogs" list on your dashboard - whether or not you are the owner, the blog will stay offline. Sorry.

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may read said…
how do i restore my blog after deleting it?

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