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Putting A Post At The Top (A "Welcome" Post) - Part 3

Blogger blog owners, like dogs, always want more.

Cue the super annoying commercial currently running on some USA TV channels.
More, please!
And when I suggest using an HTML / Text gadget, tweaked to show only when the "home" page is displayed, I hear cries for "more".
But how can I show my latest posts for a given label, on my home page? Surely, I can do that too?
The answer here is that yes, you can do this - and fortunately, it's not difficult. It simply require a little more thinking.

If we only wanted to display the most current posts for the blog, we would just leave the main page alone.

The main page display shows all recent posts, on any standard blog. You can link to a page that shows recent posts for a given label. But how do you display posts for a given label, on the home page?

Let's go back to the "Welcome" post example, which uses an HTML / Text gadget. Replace (or accompany, above or below) the HTML / Text gadget with a Feed gadget. Then, use a Label feed in the Feed gadget. A recently added alternative would be to redirect the Home page, to a label search.

If you can tweak your template code to make an HTML gadget only appear on the "home" page, you can do the same for a Feed gadget. And there you have a "Welcome" page, containing a blog label feed.

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IpseVerus said…
I read your site a lot, and the one consistent gripe that I have is the lack of reference links. This post is part 3, where are the links to parts 1 and 2? That said, excellent post.
Nitecruzr said…
where are the links to parts 1 and 2?

I typically put all reference links in text, in the contextual phrases.

The back link to Part 2 is in the second paragraph, above:

using an HTML / Text gadget, tweaked to show only when the "home" page is displayed

The back link to Part 1 is in the latter post, again in the second paragraph:

a future dated post
David L. said…
Very nice!

In typical blogger / dog fashion:

What code changes would I need to only display feeds on a certain page?

For example, let's say I want to add politics, sports, humor, commentary pages and have different news feeds display on each, based on the category?
Nitecruzr said…

The "feeds" content is just indexed label searches.

To display a "feed", just remove the default Pages gadget, and replace it with a custom pages / posts / whatever index. Then, index your label searches, as index entries (aka "tabs").

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