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Pictures, Hosted In A Blog That's Transferred From One Blogger / Google Account To Another Account

Any time that we give advice about transferring control of a blog to another Blogger / Google account, or using another email address with your blog, we try to include additional advice
If the blog contains pictures that were uploaded using post editor, do not ever delete the Blogger / Google account.
This detail, in some cases, seems to be seen as a myth or superstition.

Some superstitions have basis in reality - and this is one such superstition. When you upload pictures using the post editor photo upload wizard, they are hosted in a Picasa account that's tied to the Blogger / Google account. You can transfer control of the blog itself, using Settings - Publishing. Unfortunately, this transfers only the blog.

The Picasa account, where the pictures are hosted, remains with the current Blogger / Google account. If you "clean house", and delete the unused Google account, your pictures go away.

Here, you may wish to review the connections between Blogger accounts, email addresses, and Google accounts, as well as the original procedure for transferring control of a blog.

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Anonymous said…
This site feels like a lifeline - so thanks just for existing.

I have a blogger acct

This week because Google gave me no choice, I switched to the new posting format. My image upload facility has been showing a 404 panel ever since.

Any ideas??!!?

More generally, the content of my blog (The Slog) is designed to point out how all things BIG in politics, banking, retailing, business and the Web say one thing and do another - claim to be working for us, but actually spend their lives in silos playing Sudoku.

I've risen to No 38 in the UK league now and get 2500-3000 hits a day. So clearly a lot of folks share my frustration.

The totally inadequate level of internet service is a global disgrace and should be addressed by users: do you agree? And do you know any sites that share this view?

Many thanks in advance.

John Ward aka The Slog

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