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Maybe, You Need To Find Something Else To Do

Let's be honest - blogging is an activity.

Like every activity in the world, not everybody can do it. And like every activity in the world, not everybody, who can do it, can do it equally as well. There are billions of people in the world, and everybody is different.

Some people build things. I don't do that. Some people race cars - or motorcycles. A nice cop, that I met once, asked me to not do that. I've tried scuba diving - and I'm not good at that, either. So, I found other things to do.

Some people want to publish a blog and make money - and this is just not what everybody can do, equally as well.

You have to recognise your limitations - not pay other people to write your blog for you, or pay other people to read your blog, and click on the ads. That is called cheating, by the people who pay for the ads - and it's wrong.

Linking your blog to other blogs and websites, that have nothing better to do than link back to your blog, generates lots of traffic - but doesn't give your readers any benefit. This, too, is wrong.

Publishing a blog, and getting readers, takes hard work and imagination.

Maybe, this is the fault of the people who developed Blogger, and similar Internet activities. They want everybody to believe that everybody can publish a blog, and make money from their blog. That's their job, and they did it. Maybe, they did it, too well.

Sorry. Blogging just is not for everybody. Making money from a blog may be for less folks, still. Hard work is a requirement - for blogging, too.

If you are going to publish a Blogger blog, plan to provide informative, interesting - and original content.


Unknown said…
You've got a good point on this. I think people just have to know where they stand. My blog is set up to showcase stuff I've done but I'm not looking for it to blow up so I'm content with where I stand.
Kay Dennison said…
I blog so I can think out loud. Money? Get serious!!!
Making some money from my blog would be nice but is not my motivation...I am enjoying connecting with other artists and art lovers. It helps me clarify my thoughts about my art process also. Having been a journal/diary keeper from age 13 this just seems a natural extension to me.
Barbara said…
I blog for fun. I'm not trying to make money. Of course, blogging is more fun if people are reading. That's my only reason for trying to gain followers. I like their comments. Does that make me narcissistic? I hope not.

I write about all of my pastimes, cooking, photography, gardening, cats, quilting. BTW, I'm giving away fabric for free on my blog and not getting many takers. What do you suppose that means? I think fabric is relevant to quilters.

I get your post is directed at people trying to earn money. It seems a little harsh though. Some of us are just trying to figure out what we're thinking. Because how do we know what we mean until we see what we say?

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