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You Don't Always Get Everything You Want

In the "Western" world, and for the young of heart, there is one very special day of the year, celebrated by (almost) everybody - December 25, aka "Christmas".

While this was once (and still is now, for many) a religious holiday of great importance, for many young people it is important as a secular holiday - you get presents. For celebrants of both the religious and the secular versions of Christmas, this is a time of joy.

But, there's a sadness here too. Not everybody that I know always gets everything that they would like to get, even for Christmas. The lack of unlimited funds makes Christmas a time of anguish and depression, for some people.

Some folks, legendarily described as "bad", might traditionally get a lump of coal instead of presents.

In the Blogger world, Christmas comes irregularly and without notice. In a recent Blogger Christmas, we were given a new version of the post editor, with a greatly improved ability to upload and arrange photos. That improvement was eagerly awaited by many bloggers, for a long time.

The latter "present" arrived without an assumed second present, accompanying it. The new post editor lacks a spell checker - and this has been noted, many times. Unfortunately, many bloggers don't appreciate this, and decide that Blogger is intentionally mistreating them.
Bring back the spell checker!!!
is a cry seen regularly, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

Instead of seeing a glass that's half full (finally, improved photo management), the bloggers see it as half empty (no spell checker). They just fail to accept the fact that Blogger can't provide all required changes at the same time.
What did you get?
I got a lump of coal.

Blogger, like The Real Blogger Status, releases changes, progressively. If you got a lump of coal last Christmas, be good this year - and hope for something better next Christmas.

Christmas 2009 came and went, and some folks are paying the bills this month. Christmas 2010 will be here, in another 9 or 10 months.

Christmas never comes soon enough, for kids. It doesn't come any sooner, when you wait for it, with anxiety, either. Spell checker for the new post editor is coming - though it, too, won't come any sooner if we keep asking about it.


dogimo said…
I learn so much just by keeping up with this blog. But even more than the info, thanks for the straight-shoot but positive attitude!

Oh jeez, I've got to go spell check a month's worth of posts. Here I thought I'd just been on a perfect spelling roll.
Dudel said…
Again, browsers now mostly come with or can download spell-checkers.

AND Blogger spell check HORRIBLY messes up any coding you did.

So no lump of coal for me! :D
I think because of the problems over the summer with Bloggers being "trapped" in the new post editor. People seemed to have little patience with the new post editors development. We worked through that problem in the forums and on your site here. And I am thrilled with the new image capabilities.

Besides just install a spell check on your tool bar and you are good to go.
Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus.

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