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Please Google, Restore My Deleted Account And Blog!

A frequently seen sign of confusion in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? is the question
How soon after deletion can I reuse a blog?
And the answer is two part.
Immediately, if you can just undelete it using the same account. Never, if you are trying to transfer the blog.
Occasionally the response to that involves a complication.
But I deleted the account, to make sure that the blog gets freed up.
And now, the blogger gets no choice.
You have to reactivate the account, because the URL is locked to that account.

Now, the blogger has a four fold task ahead of him.And next time, plan the change.


chappy said…
my igoogle account was deleted so is there anyway i can restore the blog? google won't restore my account because i don't answer the generic questions correctly it seems. is there anyway to get a more personal input from google? ultimately it is just my blog i want recovered. thanks, jc
Chuck said…

This would be a good question for you to ask in BHF: Something Is Broken.
RhondaBrantley said…
Thanks for your prompt response. I did read your blog and comments/suggestions prior to posting the question. And, based on those suggestions, have followed your advise and think I have filled out and forwarded the correct online form. Perhaps we will get something back. At this time, it shows that my gmail address associated with the account is not available, but when I try and reserve it with a new google account it states that it is unavailable. So, perhaps again, that is good news. I will keep all posted to any progress. Again, thanks! RB
I am trying to open my Blog 'Best Information Products' http://bestinformationproducts.blogspot. I get to Dashboard. Most of my previous blogs reappeared, but the blog I am looking for is not listed. I am truly frustrated with so many issues and waste of time. Please give me some explanation.
Chuck said…

You need to post this report in BHF: Something Is Broken.
Be said…
You say that you can never restore a blog if you are trying to transfer it. Can you clarify? Does tranfering include transfering to a gmail account that already has access to the blog? I had two gmail accounts linked...deleted one which then deleted my blog. I have had no responses yet and would really appreciate your help! I can give you the link to my thread if you are willing to take a look.
Chuck said…

If the GMail account already has access to the blog (private blog?), transferring might include giving access to that account.

We really should discuss this in detail, so how about you provide the URL of your forum discussion (for which you have had no responses yet?) in BHF: Something Is Broken, so we can discuss this conveniently.
Crystal Lynn said…
So I tried the first step of the three step process and filled out the form from the google accounts-help. I filled it out 3 times now and have gotten no help. They have just replied that I should change the password or that my gmail account was already associated with another google account. Is there anything else I can do to restore my deleted blog or account?
Thank you so much for any help or advice that you have. You are the only real person that responds to anything I have done so far!
Chuck said…

In this case, I'll ask that you post a question in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can figure out what your problem really is.
hei.i deleted my blog by accident,and have made a new one,but all my old pichures and memories are gone,is there anyway i can get it back?im heartbroken..
I accidently deleted my google account; therefore, I counldn't access my Blog. I tried to restored my delete account, but they ask me to create a new blog, still can't access my old blog. Help me please, thank you so much

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